Tuesday, May 24

Managerial Gifts ... err ...

A tall lanky man with curly hair , with looks more Algerian than Indian , an accent that shows more of America than it does of Amchi Mumbai , a flavor for Indian food that would put any taster in a 5 Star hotel to shame , a mind so analytical that you would wonder if a computer were conversing with you , the same kind of a mind that requires an unlimited supply of cigarettes to fuel its thinking . A man who would not balk from sending stinkers , but also a man who would be utmost concerned if you even sounded a little low!

Yup you got it right , that is a pretty "will pass muster" kinda sketch of my manager , though if you wanna have a peek at this very photogenic person , you must end up in front of my company's office in US. I recently heard from a very reliable source ( a colleague of mine) that he was mistaken for Marc Anthony ! Well, couldnt blame the guy who mistook him though !

With a "I want it , I get it " attitude on his sleeve , not to mention that un ending professionalism he possesses , He has his own way of stating that he is the manager without actually saying it in as many words.

Thoughtfully sent me a couple of gifts when a colleague visited the office ... very thoughfully he put in a book mark and a beautiful imitation of an Egyptian rug on the Mouse Pad , which now adorns , instead of the mouse , Lord Krishna in my Showcase at home, and book mark is now familiar with all my reading material ... a very practical way of being professional I must say.

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