Monday, June 11

Idealistic B.S

When Arpz asked me to write a guest post, I pondered on whether to write about the political struggle of East Congo or expound on the cultural degradation faced by eastern civilization with reference to the Ching school of thought.

Finally, I decided it has to be about the East Congo. So here it goes……


I think what Arpz’s glorious online space needs is a heart felt rant [though she often rants a lot here and attempts gruesome tear jerkers].

Unfortunately, I lack the capacity for human compassion and emotions, so instead I’ll blabber on some totally irrelevant topic, which will have people asking such ground-breaking, earth-shattering questions as:

“What in tarnation is wrong with this guy?” and

“When did Arpz have this temporary bout of insanity and let this guy write on her blog?”

I’ve been thinking on how I’ve been making judgments at this point in my life. And I don’t mean judgments like whether tutti-frutti ice cream is kick ass when compared to rocky road ice cream.

I’ve been making decisions on what I think about religion, what kind of girls I like, [earlier I used to be pretty superficial. I’m still pretty superficial but with err…..refinements], where I’d like to live [India or abroad? And I don’t mean Airport Road or Shivaji Nagar] and so on.

For people who have been through this phase, you probably know what I’m talking about. We spent the first 20 years of our life being imposed with our parents’ ideals [don’t get ideas about my dad chaining me to a rack forcing me to swallow his Hitler-ean propaganda]. It’s just that we’ve always believed in what they’ve said. What they say is the moral way IS the moral way.

But now, we’re making our own ideals, our own morals. For example, I’ve come to a glorious idea that maybe alcohol isn’t such a bad idea [Arpz, don’t delete this –freedom of expression, girl!]. A lot of people might disagree with me on that, but it’s MY idea and now, no one can question; which is pretty cool, when you think about it.

I may not be uber-rich or own a Ferrari [that will have to wait till I become a blood sucking industrialist with morals Chengiz Khan would reel at], but I have my ideals and no one can have those, or take those.

Taking this into consideration, I have listed the 10 ideals/ideas I relate to and which no one can shake:

- India is an awesome country. I love the place and will always want to be here[hope the blood sucking industrialist plan fits in with this]

- I love non-vegetarian food. I know its ‘dead bodies’ as my dad so eloquently puts it. But thems tasty dead bodies.

- Intelligence in the opposite sex comes first. We’ll talk shop after that.

- There is a God. Religion sucks. [Habeas corpus still exists, so all extremists orgs beware!]

- It’s my body; I can do what ever I want with it. [Dr. Kevorkian waves a flag and whistles loudly]

- Money is important because money allows me to do more stuff before I die.

- I love my family. Those three people mean everything to me.

- I love my friends. But they have their own agendas. The moment you do something for me that goes against your agenda, you’re family.

- I don’t care if I die early. If my Air Deccan [this is hypothetical- Capt.Gopinath, don’t sue me, I love your airlines] plane crashes, my last words will be: “Shit, it was good while it lasted”

- I love music. It gives meaning to my life. Happy music makes me happy. Sad music makes me sad.

Epilogue: If any of you come across this irrelevant piece of literature [and a lot of you will, given Arpz’s blog’s popularity], do let the world know what you’re ideals are.

Even if it means saying: ‘I love being a couch potato and stuffing myself with fri-ums till I could puke’, write it down. The comments section becomes your playground/confession box.

Err….. Sexual revelations can be spared though. Save them for a rainy day, ok?


arpana said...

aishooo!!! for once, on my own space, I claim GOLD!

and an awesome write up dude ... Hope ur air deccan plane crashes AFTER your mind has spwed out everything it has to offer :P

Anonymous said...

Awsum ! Awsum! Awsum!!!!

I have my ideals and no one can have those, or take those - totally agree, i too feel the same way... sumtimes the whole world says you are wrong, but yet you do something coz u feel its right... now thst's ATTITUDE - in a good way ;)

Sakshi said...

@Arpz - not faiR!!
you knew when the person was going to post.. gold lene mein kya maza??

Just miffed at losing the bronze. Disqualify yourself please :P

nasia said...

"The moment you do something for me that goes against your agenda, you’re family." Cool!! So by this do u mean a veg friend eating non veg 4 u . *grin*

They seem more like ideas than ideals.. Alchohol, doing whatever you want to yr body!! You can always call ur weakness your ideals and put it up.. ;-)

But shud say u can make even the lamest of ideals look heavenly.. :-)Very well written . Loved it!

arpana said...

@ anon - arre dahling thoda naam -shaam bhi chod diya karo naa

@ sakshi - you HAVE got the bronze - shaadi ki umar ho chali hain aapki - nazar nahin aa raha kuch bhi . And no, Im not disqualifying myself for I kept track of when the man finished putting up the blogpost - no one tracks my blog that way :-(

@nasia - well asked, kudos .... now lets see how bulshee replies to this!

Dream catcher said...

eeks..! that was quite quirky one..he he..arpz ur blog definitely ash shades of sweetness..:) lovely

Anonymous said...

munnu tu omnipresent kabsey hogaya

arpana said...

@ dreamcatcher - *smiles* wait until you see my wicked streak .. the author of this guest post will vouch for it :D

@ anon - who's munnu? and what on earth does this comment have to do with this post??? yaar jab comment karna hain to post pe karo na.. and pls naam bhi likh diya karo!

@ The world - The only reason why anon comments are allowed is because I have a couple of friends who do read this blog and comment albeit occasionally, but do not blog themselves. It would be cruelty to arm twist them into reading the blog but not allowing them to comment on it.
Puhlease do not mis use this.

Dream catcher said...

uska intezaar rahega mohtarma :)...besabri se..

Phoenix said...

My own ideals are too weird to pollute arpz's place, but well written Bullshee :)

arpana said...

@dream catcher - you'll get to know, soon enough :)

@phoenix - koi nahin, this place cant get wierder than Bulshee's post ! put em up!!!

Bullshee said...

YO Arpz....should I be replying to any of these comments? You seem to be doing a kick ass job!
Only one from me:
@Nasia: see, my lovely,the fundamental question here is what gives you the right to call drinking a weakness? In your perspective, people intoxicating themselves might be a weakness.......understandable.

But, from my point of view it can be quite a strength.
I don't look towards alcohol as a form of escapism, rather, I feel its a form of expandism.

I'll tell you guys one day about the 5th dimension and how we discovered it!

So the same law that applies to ideals applies here. I choose what my weaknesses are and what my strengths are. That's freedom of choice.That's power of expression.

And this my dear, is premium B.S!

Zee said...

Bullshee....will read and comment on ur post tonight but ARPANA!!!!!! WHAT WAS THAT COMMENT ON MY POST????? ARE U TYING THE KNOT?????????

Sakshi said...

After that comment by Zee, I have to boogey my way over there and check it out.
But do tell, arpz - *looks very intently at the blog spave*- please answer that question..
And I meant silver :(
My bad.. saathiya gayi hoon yeh science ke chakkar mein :P

@Bulshee- I concur. Drinking needs a strong liver and a big stomach- not something for the weak ;D

arpana said...

@zee - please dont pollute my blogspace with talks of marriage!!! Marriage is for sissies :D I was just expressing my happiness over ur Al couple's marriage

My celibate panditjee bets on the non happening of the event and says he'll die of syphillis if I get married :D

Zee said...

bullshee!!!!! had to comment!!! awesome post man! totaly agree with every one of ur points.......esp the bit about alcohol (haha), music, family, friends and god!

btw this does sound a bit like the sunscreen song!!!!

Bullshee said...

@Zee: Yo girl! finally someone who agrees with me 'bout alcohol!

*Bullshee reaches high in the sky and fives Zee!*

Anonymous said...

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