Wednesday, June 6

Tags, Guest Posts, Scribblings

Ladies and Gentlemen ( okay - the not-so-gentle-men included as well) .
Kindly take your seats while Just So hands out the agenda for the day
*ahem - clears throat*
The agenda for the post is - as the name suggests:
1. Tagged - Driving force - Shekhar
2. Guest Post - Driving Force - Lack of alphabet in the English dictionary ( they give me just 26 alphabets and make me write a post a day? bahut naainsaafi hain melaawwrrddd)
3. Scribblings - courtesy - a room cleaning exercise that took place this weekend....err...we'll get to this when we get to this.

Readers are kindly requested to proceed on their own risk. The blog owner shall not be held responsible for any kind of madness/ insanity / lunacy / temporary memory loss / loss of coherent speech,thinking, writing for a temporary or permanent phase of time which might arise as a result of reading the post below.
Thank you.

You gutsy people who have survived the horrors of the warning, God Be With You. Read on.

Shekhar's tagged me to write 8 weird things about myself.
For people who know me, know that EVERY thing about me is weird. Its impossible to pick just 8 of them ... but tags are tags you see and so you will find 8 weird things about me here
( did I tell you - I missed out reading my own name in his post and sulked because he 'didn't' tag me - which in fact he did , and once I found my self tagged, am doing this tag only after a full week lag? So I was in fact sulking for a tag that was there, but I thought wast there, only to realise that it was there, and then realise that I did not have anything to write about and rave about the tag that Im supposed to do) (i hope the last sentence made sense)

1. I have a habit of launching on "nested stories" - if you write algorithms or codes for a living, you know what Im talking about - a story within a story within a story.
So most of my stories go - ohh, I saw X the other day , he was in Forum, he was with Y. They had been there to watch this movie - oh kya bataon movie ka, the storyline is great, but P's acting is awesome,you know P had an affair with Q ..... ( and X shall be revisted with all nested loops within are done).

2. I consider myself a girl by accident - most of my schoolmates and colleagues will vouch for this.
Chandru - a colleague has this story for my "girl-by-accident" theory as well.
Brahma* had this factory where he created people. One day when he was creating me, his wife called- and when wifey calls, even if your job is to create a universe,you better answer her first. He asked Narada** to oversee the process. He told Narada that the sex part was decided - he just needed to punch the final buttons and fit the brain in. Since it was going to be a boy - a pea brain would suffice. Narada ended up putting in a real good brain. Hence I HAD to be a girl :-|

3. I'm totally scared of heights.
If you want to romance me a la bollywood style, rains and thunderclaps wont help. Just take me to an unfamiliar building and make me peek out through the railings of the 1st floor's balcony. I'll come running into your arms.
There, that makes life easy. You wont have to wait until monsoon to propose to me, all the while hoping that the thunderclap is strong enough to both scare me, and show my rain drenched boobs showing through the flimsy saree and blouse to you just before I come running and hold you tight
~~~~ half an hour later ~~~ the author was in the loo retching her guts out having imagined the scene above - rain drenched and all eughhheeehhhh~~~~~

4. While we are at it, I totally am girly when it comes to going to the loo.
I will always drag Indu to the loo when at office, and some random classmate (female classmate you dirty minds) when at IIM.
I dont know why and what of this issue - but I need someone walking along with me into the loo and out of it. NO. I dont entertain people inside. Just in that space where they have the mirror - "please adjust your makeup while I adjust my bloated stomach".

5. Related stuff again - I hate make up
I told ya - Im a girl by accident. I do apply make up. but the only two things I can claim to know about makeup are 1. lipstick. 2. eyeliner. ( Im assuming talcum powder does not fall under the make up category - since most of it goes onto my armpits.) Talk about concealer, remover, brick, mortar, granite and sandstone - everything shall seem Greek and Latin to me. Like those small talk bubbles which were drawn coming out the natives' mouths when Tintin landed in any new shores.

6. Aah - this is easy I love archies, tintin , richie rich
Doesnt mean I dont read anything else. But I love these comics. More than phantom and the likes actually. Tintin is and will always be my fav. I always got confused about richie rich - "poor little rich kid" what the heck is poor yada yada rich anyways? I so totally would remain in my make believe world of Haddock's cusses, tintin's adventures and richie's richness. ( i still go back to that world when i read these comics) and I so hate the cartoons that these bungling idiots have made out of these beautiful works of art.

7. I love unconditionally.
One of the most weirdest things ever.
I cannot ask you to love me back in return, be it a friend, boyfriend, cousin, brother, any damn one. I will do anything and everything I can, if I love you. Whatever you do will always look good to me if I love you.

8. I totally dig old and sad music
I love all genres of music. But if there is anything I would really really Love to listen to, nothing better than a ghazal, or a Kishore / Rafi singing a sad song. Now, this should not be weird. Only except that I listen to morbid stuff even WHEN IM HAPPY. It gives a kind of content loneliness - the types where you are so yourself, that you dont need the world, that inner bliss. If you know what I mean, well.. err... you know what I mean.

All those who survived it this far, are tagged.
Moving on to Part Duex of this post;

I am inviting Guest posts on this blog - basically because the people who shall write here, are the people I love to read. What better place to read them, than to open your blog and read them there?
Rather than me being a visitor to people's blogs, Im inviting you all to my humble abode ... grace me with your kind words dear fellow bloggers.

And what shall thou have to do if you want to write a guest post? Leave a comment here stating your interest -send me a mail to - so that I can give you an invite to co-author - maybe for a half hour window, you can drop by and post your post here.
Whats the topic? Anything that catches your fancy - nothing scandalous - nothing that links me to either chengis khan or hitler. Or maybe a pic that you would like to see here (a la Pramod)

(PS - Ive already nagged one unsuspecting victim to write a guest post for me - It'll be up in just a few days)
This Sunday saw me do something that I dont usually do - clean my room.
So until Sunday, all you saw was a pile of stinking clothes and a swarm of mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizzards and books with barely a place to stand in place of a room, today you can see the floor. Actually the FLOOR OF THE ROOM. My mom walked in and said, please take a snap. Im not sure Im going to see the floor for the next one year. *shessshhhh, moms - shakes head*

So when I decided my old stuff so carefully bundled up should go, basically they served no other purose than to act as hiding places for baby cockroaches to play "I-Spy",I found lots and lots of stuff. I found one answer sheet with tic-tac played on it ( which EXAM WAS THIS? how DID I PASS my exams?) One leaf out of the textbook had scribblings all around the edges about the boys in the class - teeheee ... more like This bugger finishes the sum soon, we must do it before him / That bastard stinks , he gets low marks - dont you talk to him / look at the moron - he's looking this way - he probably thinks we're still doing the tax calculations
Now. Which GIRL at the age of 17 -19 write such repulsive stuff when the professor isnt looking? You got it - a nerd like me, and more nerd friends like me :-|

Ohkaay, I wasnt as nerdy always. I found letters written by my ex. At 18 - " your eyes are beautiful" seems to romantic. At 23 ( lemme write this number - wont be able to, after July) they sound corny. Who the hell has the Ex's " I love you, yet cant be with you" letters a full 3 and a half years after the break up? ( oh add - and did not realise it was around in the attic somewhere to that question) - yup - you got it - A DORK.
:-( those words pretty much surmise my life - NERD and DORK.
I added 3 more crates to the existing set of crates of books up in the attic. cool huh?

I also found crumpled papers with random lines I call "poetry" scribbled on them, which I subject you to read.

Woh paas nahin, majboor hain dil
hum aas lagaye baithe hain
har raat ulajhte kaanton se
daaman bachaye baithe hain

Last but not the least - A post coming up on greeting cards and pens - inspired by the ROOM CLEANING EXERCISE. :D

*- Brahma - The Creator of the universe as per the Hindu Mythology
** -Narada - The manasa putra (thought child ??? err .. yeah thats it) of brahma - also a great sage.

And if you have managed to read through until here, you deserve a treat. Lets go out and Yenjaaooyy I say!! Or if you are so far away that you cant come, mail me and I shall send you a cute li'l greeting card :D

PS - those who dont have a blogger id for the guest post - mail the post to me, I shall post it up and credit it to you


Sakshi said...

Uff! Tagged! Again..
I protest this all are tagged.. Name the victims please :P

Bullshee said...

Blistering Barnacles!
a)Boys have pea sized brains. I beg to differ and revert above mentioned statement to all of woman hood!
b)The guest post I have lined up for you both mention Hitler and Chengiz Khan!!! I wrote it before you posted this!!! ESP!!!!!
c)Did you ever close the nested loops.They're gonna create memory dumps if you don't you know!-this is the nerd in me talking

Ajith said...

". Related stuff again - I hate make up " -- First time I think I'm hearing this from a girl..Hats off to you :)

The Black King said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... the eight points were informative, shall we say? :D

JustSo said...

@ Sakshi - lets start with you - you are tagged. should and Lazy moi really go up there and edit the post? *pleading with puppy dog eyes*

@Bulshee -
a. I wont even waste my precious time debating that - what Ive written as plain a fact as "sum rises in the east"
b. ESP ??? *sighs* im in for some kick ass bulshee stuff here (kidding buddy- looking forward to your post on my blog :) )
c. The nested loops never get to be closed, bascially because by the last nested loop the algorith is so long that people dont scroll up to see what was the original story - or either get to bored to listen to it anyways.

@ ajith - dude thats the truth - sadly. I totally hate makeup; cant differentiate a can of wall paint from the "war" paint that women apply ritualistically

@TBK- Informative? hmm .. thats an interesting word there to describe the post :D

Bullshee said...

The "sum" rises in the east????
Score one for womankind!!

Di said...

hmm..thankfully ive done this tag n number of times.. :D

I actually cannot bear to listen to sad music!! i dont even keep remotely sad/negative music on my pc!i believe theres enuf sadness goin around without adding to it..:( just an opinion, im sure u have ur own reasons for likin them :)

But we the same on the girl-by-accident thing.. a couple of days back a frnd told me i just look like a girl but think like a not very sure thats a good thing though..:-/

JustSo said...

@bulshee - stop the bulshee :P

@ Di - that doesnt absolve you of doing the tag - you've read the post => you ARE doing it :P

Zee said...

i lovvveeeeeeeeeee archies!!! i can't live without reading them and have read at least one story (again and again and again) every single day of my life since i was 10!!!

nasia said...

The 8 points are not at all weird.. "except maybe the loo stuff"
rOOM Cleaning is always a nostalgic experience.. :-)

arpana said...

@ Zee -- same pinnncchhhh!!!!! :D u MUST come to Blore now!

@ Nasia - well, thank you atleast someone thinks Im not totally wierd :D .. yeah, with me room cleaning is even more a nostalgic exp - basically because I have stuff right from school times :)

Dream Catcher said...

are baap re...kuch chodda hi nahi aapne to yaha...hmm i need to spend lot of time to catch upon with all ur scribblings :)

Dream Catcher said...

n yeah i have linked u...hope u wont mind :)

Strider said...

baap re!
I've missed so much!!

blog looks awesome! :)

nutty said...

Hi! This was a fun read!

"..girl by accident.." Lol! I think I know quite a few people who would say that about me and at least 2 other girls I know! Wanna start a club? :D

Yea and I hate make up too!

The comics - you should add Calvin n Hobbes to that list and I'd completely agree! CnH is hilarious :)

arpana said...

@dreamcatcher - from what Ive read - Im priveleged to have you as a reader of my blog :)

@strider - you sure have missed a lot :P better start reading and commenting soon :)

@ nutty - CnH wasnt a hit when I was a kid - but yeah, I cant do without CnH and Dilbert now. I can send you a link for a searchable CnH database. I totally adore Calvin

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