Thursday, May 10

Mug Shot

My superman ( chaddi over pants) Pramod clicked this pic up close

Location - Ranganathitu

Photographer - Pramod

Looks like a Nat Geo shot to me..... Seems like Pramod comes up with yet another ace up his sleeve :-)

( Pramod you better give a nice comment on this one dude :D)


Pramod said...

Hey Aprs, it's a lil too generous of you to say something like that. Actually beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Ah well!!! Who am I kidding? I am actually the best......

I am man with a lot of hidden talent - Just which are mostly hidden :)

It so happened that this beast was majestically resting on a single rock, in the middle of the stream and caught my attention. I immediately asked the boat man to take me there and slipped him a 50's ka note. He took us there and I was insisting on getting closer. We were about 2 feet away (and my friend’s pants were about to get wet) and I say not close enough and the boat man goes a lil further and the boat touches the rock where the croc was resting. Now I quickly steal this beautiful snap and the next moment the Croc roars and dives into the water. Although there was a very good possibility for it to dive into the boat.
Well lucky me, here I am flaunting my pic and boasting about my adventurous episode.

Lalit Singh said...

Very well captured. Although i think it could have used less cropping from the right.
Ek croc ke sirf muh ka close up bhi ho jaata to mazaa aa jaata.

Kanupriya said...

very nice pic. some more water towards the lett could have made it perfect.

Ranny said...

Oye hoye - vadda bahadur lagta hain tera ye dost .... isliye super man hain kya?

Anonymous said...

Why have I never been called such good things before? I protest against such discrimination among friends :(

- S

arpana said...

@ pramod - *smiles*

@ Lalit - munh ka closeup leta bechara to shayad uska lunch ban jaata!

@ kanupriya - *smiles* welcome to the blog

@ Ranny - asli superman hain pramod :p

@ S - naarebaazi karo, dharne nikalo, but first tell me who u are :p

Di said...

it is actually a nice pic..though u cud have endangered ur life a little lesser if ud have used the zoom option in the camers :P kidding.. ;) it really is good.. :)and arpana i love the new template!! i hope i find a nice one at the same site too :)

arpana said...

@ Di - beta, this pic was shot by a friend of mine, main to aise creatures ko TV pe bhi na dekhon .. *brrr*
the template ... I built most of it myself, but yeah, the structure is from the isnani site .. I kind of mish-mashed 3-4 of his(/her) templates and added my pic - yes, that snap on the title bar has been shot by moi :D and viola, here it is :)