Friday, September 16

Love Story

I turn back and see him. I always do .. He is there, waving back at me, encouraging to go ahead and take on the world. Yes him , he is the person around whom my world revolves and by whom I continue to be influenced even now. Even after everything, he is there for me.

He held my hand when I learnt to walk, he withdrew it when I needed independence. He ran behind me when I learnt to ride a bicycle, he risked his life sitting behind when I was an amatuer rider of a 2 wheeler.
He stood by me when I was wrong... he held me when when I was low... he prodded me on when I was stagnant. I learnt to live .. because he taught me life's meanings... I learnt to stand because he showed me how to do so by example. I learnt independence because he lived it.
He is my God, he will ever be..... He was the best friend I could ask for, he was the mentor, the ideal, the example the boyfriend, the chaperon, the father and even the mother. He is The Perfect man.

We would walk for hours together hand in hand, talking of the world in general and me in particular, me questioning, he paitiently answering, me weak, he strong and supportive. I loved him, I still do, he is the center of my universe ..and will be so forever. We would lay next to each other staring at the night sky, he telling me why some stars are red and some blue, why the sky is blue in the morning, but appears black at night ... why aircrafts need a "long pole" infront of their noses ..
We would argue .. whether Rama was right in leaving Sita ... whether Krsna was really the God he proclaimed to be ...

He was there every moment and everywhere in my life ... he sometimes still is ... I was this nervous 19 year old attending a written test for the first job , and as always pessimistic. He held my hand , looked straight into my eye ... "You are the best my dear, you will sucseed." when I went back ... head hung low " You have done well ... you will get through" ... no one , not even my parents have ever told me that Ive done well ... its always "How have you done the exam/test/interview/etc ? Will you get through?" .... it was him whose faith in me made my stand and reach out for bigger goals and ambitions in life ..... all the while enjoying the smaller happinesses in life ...for wasnt it us who sneaked out of house to get Hajmola? Wasnt it him who gave me the extra money to buy choclates ... would'nt he replace stuff I had lost? Yes he would all this and much more ...

I love him Yes I do ... I love him more than I love my father, more than I love my mother or more than I love myself .... sometimes I feel , I am me because he made me so ...........

Unashamed I am to proclaim my love story to the world, for this is a story of an old man and his grand daughter, this is a story of love faith and trust, which though stalled has not ended despite the death of the grandfather.I love him, I will do so until the last breath of my life ... and after me , I will instill his love into my children and their children too. I am sure he loves me too ... where ever he is , I know he loves me too.

And I see him daily near the gate of my office, waving at me just like he did some 2 odd years ago when I nervously went inside to write my first round of written test.

Grandad ... I love you .... I always will.


Pradyot said...

that is so cute... really loved it :)

robby said...

very sensitive .
reminds me of my grandpop . very often, in giving credit to our parents, we often overlook ourgrandparents who also have a big role in our upbringing

arpana said...

@Robby .. thanks a lot .. ! though I like Raj much better to Robby ! :p