Tuesday, September 13

The perils of Being a Girl

ugghhhh .... Indian Marriages , definetly a pain in the neck !!!
Now I know how the dolls on display in the showcase feel and let me tell you , its not a good feeling to have !

Do you how to cook? When do you reach home after work? You know all the shlokas ?

I wanted to answer
Yeah I can cook prawns wonderfully ... and see the havoc it created in the orthodox , not-even-thinking-about-NV family

I sometimes am so High that I forget which home is mine ... imagine how shocked would these self appointed judges of charecter would be ! Lols

I dunno abou your shlokas but can recite Eminiem beautifully ..... Wow ... see them run !

But sadly these answers died on my lips , never came out ... I wish they had ... but then Dad would have banished me from home ! Not that he isnt trying to do that ( just the means to do it is different) ... Sometimes I wish he just throws me out of the house, that way he'ss save some precious lakhs on a "traditional , customary,south Indian" marriage


Samyak said...

Oye.. kaun badnaseeb ladka tujhe dekhane aayaa tha... sach bata !!

Mujhe pakka yakeen hai ki tune aisa koi tamasha real life me bhi kiya hoga..

cho chweet... aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai !!

Duffer... hamesha duffer hi rahegi [:D]

arpana said...

abe ... koi ladka dekhne nahin aaya tha yaar ... [:(] agar aaya hota to usi ke saath time paas kar leti naa...

Phoenix said...

Well, my sympathies are always with u.

i wish ur parents AND UR BUA sees some sense. Baki alternatives to I guess I did tell u:P

BTW, ur new look blo rocks:D
And thanx for linking my blog to urs:)

arpana said...

@ Taru ... Thanks ! main ne to aletrnative choose kar liya hain ... get a job in Antartica and never go home again ! :p

An yea , My pleasure in linkin it ur blog !