Monday, September 26


I was tagged by
  • Taru
  • to write a story for less than 55 words. Now that is cruelty ... I never speak less than 100 words at a go :p

    Dishevelled hair, puffed up eyelids and sleepy eyes ..... that perfectly imperfect picture of a girl getting up in the morning not awaking if not for the alarm.
    Going through the motions of the morning ablutions,coming down for a quick take at food , running late for the morning classes of dance and music, later still for the daily routine of a two hour jog coupled with yet another couple of hours of Gymming ...... the signs of a busy professional, after which a langourous bath consisting of various scents and aroma therapies,a lazier attempt at meticulous make up... a little on the gaudier shade .... a Sunday outing to a Disc?
    Walking down with strong confident strides to the usual workplace, the cross roads of Brigade road Bangalore ... An IT professional? Getting picked up by a fat guy with a fatter pocket and a large Mercedes.
    Work as Usual......

    Author's Note - Well, Dunno if this is beyond 55 words or less, but yes, though mostly fabricated, this story definetly revolves around a sweet looking girl ( whom I instantly in my minds eye named Bahaar ... for she looked as beautiful as Bahaar ( hindi for spring)in its full swing .She is whom I saw one late night when I was with friends after a long day's hard work and she was just beginning hers with a fat man in a long car.

    Now For tagging others ....

    I cant think of many ppl now ....
    so here goes ..
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    arpana said...

    @ phoenix .. thanks for letting me off this time :p
    and yeah ... Clarification on Ur comment ... --> the comparison / similarity stops in the morn appearance , doesnt continue ne further at all ** genuinely shocked**

    Praneeth said...

    OMG ! story on a pick up girl , tu kab se aise ban gayi yaar !!! main to total marr gaya , aur aise describe kar rahi hain jaise uska total routine maloom hain haaaiiiilllllaaaaaa

    arpana said...

    @ praneeth ... nooru muskora vedhawa ..... champestaanu .. naa author's note choodaleda????