Monday, October 10

Thank God It Was Friday ....

Friday began with the usual hustle and bustle of a weekend , loose ends to be tied up for the week etc etc ... the only difference being that my mom ended up insisting that I wear a Saree.... ewwwwwwwwwewewew ... Well, my mom has her own persuasive skills , so I ended up wearing it .
The fear of going to the loo wearing a saree was so great that I starved myself for most part of the day... Work was almost done , and We had a Thomson Talent Show in the office , I must say we have oodles of talent in the company ... Bolloywood / Hollywood watch out Thomsonites are going to take you in a storm , from rib ticking comedy to satirical reproductions of grievances to solo and group dances .. it was quite an afternoon ...
I loved the part where these three beautiful barely out of college girls came on to stage to perform for Taal Remix ... and 2 of them got cold feet having done a couple of steps ... lemme tell you , we are not the usual professionals when it comes to having fun as an audience, we whistle , hoot, taunt , shout , imitate and even dance, we rip apart the shows we dont like by our boos .... not their mistake if they got cold feet , I must say , the third girl though stood her ground , danced and got a round of applause ... I loved her for her spirit and courage.

Having barely finished that, I got a call from my friends ( whom I met on Orkut) and went to meet them in the nearby Garuda Mall ... Took numerous snaps , had lot of fun teasing Sam and Brijesh ... and yeah got back just in time to catch my cab back home .... slept fitfully , fully knowing I had aweekend ahead of me to enjoy :p

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