Friday, February 3

Not Writing

I know a couple of people (not many , many ppl dont read stuff here , and Im comfortable with it ! ) have asked me why I have stopped posting , and also deleted a couple of posts ........ Chill guys ... Im busy right now , Have a couple of semi finished posts ... dont feel like completing them :( right now , will finish them and put them up , as for deletion of posts **shrugs** hmmm ... thats one Q that needs to be answered ! I will answer dat as well, but for now , im abstaining from too much blogging .. and yeah all this reminds me , I need to write a "Part Duex" of a loose story i'd woven sometime back in 2005............. thats pending as well ! :(

So as of now Pending Works:
1.QT homework
2.DT & IDT revision
3.Costing Notes Completeion
4.Part Duex of the "old man" story
5.Finish unfinished posts and clear up the drafts
6.Catch up on sleep
7.Excercise and Relax !
8.Examintaion Application for CA Final Exams :( .. not very far away now (eeekkkkssss .. scariest thought )
hmmm , one pending work's done , and that is this post , another is the checklist of pending works , and thats been done as well ! yippee


Hiren said...

If you are really planning to do CA, you have to live up to the name Arpana- Only total surrender to the goal shall get you through-Best of luck.

Abhi said...

Himmat rakh on ! aal dee bessht.

Samyak said...

TO DO LIst me..
get a valentine for V-day nahi hai!! [:O] [:P][:D]
and tek care :) :) :)

Kaala Kavva said...

sab log hee kaam dhaam ke hai maare
ham sab ko chaheye 503 bottle sinkare!