Tuesday, May 23

Kahin Kahin Se

I got my promotion increment, for those guys who dont know , Ive got promoted as the Senior QA for my team and this is equivalent to an Asst Mgr position ... Ive got a hefty hike , no doubt , but Im not happy ...

It was forever my dad's dream to see his daughter getting such a position , getting a pay packet as im getting .... and much more , he was a middle class person , and his aspirations did not go beyond him wanting children being well placed in life .... I sill remember how he would postpone his Insulin injections & the stiching of his new clothes, even buying a new pair of shoes for the "next" month indefinetly , becuase his daughter's books cost a lot ; and he being he , could compromise on his health and his requirements , but not on his children's whims and education, but then life's been so cruel to him that by the time his dreams have fulfilled , by the time , his children are just beginning to put forth those steps he had dreamt of , he is no more , this money is meaningless to me ... its all meaningless, ive been dying to tell him of my promotion and my increment ... its all empty if he doesnt know about it . I hate these small happinesses that bring the pain of the larger loss to me .

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