Monday, July 17

Silence - The Reason

Epilogue - No where related though
People have asked me to begin writing again ... one friend told me that he would know that Im normal when I started Blogging again.
One friend wanted me to atleast read what the others had written so that I would blog again. Many have asked my lack off interest in things I did regularly once.
"Normalcy" was the word everyone mouthed. however , Im not sure I want to be normal again , im not sure I want myself to be "myself" again ... and Im not sure I want to blog with regularity again.
However, I could not stop myself from writing this piece, for several reasons ,
1. The pictures of the blast would never leave me no matter how much I tried. "Death" was a word to me earlier , today , it is an experience Ive lived through , yes , I have been a hair's breadth close to death on many occasions , but death never affected me the way it has until now. It would not be wrong to say "I have died" , for the very person responsible for me is today , no more. The blasts brought back the stench of death , and i could not shake it off my nostrils.

2. The heart rending practicality of the aftermath left me speechless. I am a pragmatic person myself ,and allow myself the luxury of emotionless thoughts at lucid intervals , but this aftermath haunted me that I had to sit down and write this partly true story .. the image of this person has never left my eyes once , after having seen and heard him. I have on many occasions felt like going there myself and helping this person out , but as I said , Im a pragmatic person ... like a nazi poem Id read at school.

3. Blogger was banned and that made the rebel in me write this out , the very minute it was banned.

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Shekhar said...

This is the only time that i've felt nice about blogger being banned.