Thursday, July 27

That One Instant

"An Accident might occur, be extra careful today" my brother reads out that crappy fortune of the day for cancer ! I make a face and shove him out , its getting late.

a road hump , a pot hole , I mutter a curse , Im late and hence I get the most feared seat of all ... the "back seat" , ok so wats so feared about it? hello !!! we are talking about the back seat of a TATA SUMO in Bangalore .. namma bengaluru ... so wat? did I hear you ask that? try a roller coaster drinking tea with a greasy hamburger in your stomach, only a roller coaster without shock abosrbers ( do roller coasters have shock absorbers? well , forget that) watever , as long as you know wat im talking about.

ok , my point here isnt about Namma Bengaluru (which means - our bangalore for Kannada challenged humans out there) being full of pot holes or having tea without trying to throw up but about "THAT ONE INSTANT" ... ok, enough rambling , im sure you're tearing out your hair already reading all this , but wait , we are talking about that one instant , and we are not there yet , and all this preamble is sure as hell necessary to know about that one instant .

Now getting back to the last pothole ...

The damn pothole makes me shriek , making the guy on the other side of the phone get scared and cut the call ...
I abuse the sissy , damn , God's stopped making males like before , else we wouldnt be stuck with wannabe women who call themselves metrosexuals otr watever crappy name they given themselves ..

The wind is blowing my hair in all directions but the right , my eyes are drooping , its been a tiring day, I tick off the work Ive done for the day .. Ive attended 2 meetings and shouted at managers in both of them , Ive got all sour with the comments passed about me in Gmail and decide not to talk with the damn buggers, Ive trained the newbies and scared them shitless ... Ive been in a foul mood all day and audited with a vigour that reduced the Ops teams Quality to a mere 67% , they'll be begging me in the next meeting ... aahh a good day by all standards and a tiring one, except for this bloody backseat and my hair blowing in all directions ... a soulful song at radio and I forget all this for that instant ...

the hair contines to blow , potholes continue trying thier best displace the vehicle from the road, traffic rages like an angry bull , horns blare their war sounds at full thrust , and a bus stops nearby , and then among the tired and sleepy faces of the passengers , i see him

we see each other , like a movie , like a painting , like a dream , all sounds disappear ... its only me and him .. our eyes lock and stay locked for what seems an eternity ,

suddenly though , the real world butts in , the signal turns green and my cabbie tears off as though he's schumi .. we try and keep our eyes locked , a smile escapes his lips , and a shiver runs down my spine , i blush and lower my eyes , we lose each other.

I search for him , i dont know if he is searching for me ... and then , magically , another signal and him next to me again , I smile this time , a tiny pucker of lips , he does too , we look at each other , it is cold and has been raining , but in here , its warm and glowing.i touch the glass of my cab , instinctively , he touches hia window pane , my cabbie's deranged to think he's schumi in namma bengaluru and dashes away madly , maybe I think i'll meet with an accident today , and then i smile , I already have . I come home with a smile , i blog with a smile , I'll sleep with a smile.

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Di said...

giggle giggle..nice one.. :)