Thursday, May 17

Miss You

Its like that lump in your throat you cant gulp down; its like that itch on your back you cant reach; its like that uncomfortable underwear that you cant adjust in a meeting; its like that house fly buzzing around in your ear during a power cut.

It is the feeling that you miss someone.
A someone you can no longer call. A someone who would never have thought twice about abandoning his/her life to attend to that tiny rupture on ur index finger which you inadvertently stapled along with those sheaf of papers you held.

It is a void that you try and fill up with hollow words like " life goes on " and " im strong" and " past is past" and " it doesnt matter".
More the words, bigger the void.

It is a tear drop that blurs your vision but refuses to fall off the eye. It is that irritating pain in the chest that threatens to burn up your rib cage.

It is love and it is longing.

I proclaim so much unashamedly I miss people. I just wish, one of them, atleast one of them was around now.
A friend once advised, dont look back , in the process of missing the past , you are ignoring the present, which someday you will miss, for today will be your past someday.
How true. I try and live in the present, and get a jolt when I find no one who would one day miss me, the way I miss someone.

Okay - I need a tight hug now.
Only handsome males in the age range of 25-35 need apply for this.
No cyber-hugs are entertained a hug spelled out and enclosed within 2 stars doesnt quite give the effect.
Actually, forget it ... I dont need a hug. I just need time with the people I miss; and sometimes, I miss myself the most.


Ranny said...

hang on love. you can sail through it. And pick up that goddamn fone -not ready to accept you have time to write a post but no time to talk.
*doesnt hug* - * pats head affectionately*

Anonymous said...

I was about to catch the first flight and come there to give you a hug. But then I read the condition that only handsome men are eligible to do that.

I pass :(


arpana said...

@ ran - i wld rather u din call, please?

@ Han - aww comon, remember when i was trying to pataofy u? :P

nasia said...

Again very well written...
I don`t think a genius like you should ever miss anyone. People should be suffocating you with their presence.

Sakshi said...

Since I am not a guy, I will do the next best thing - bring how chocolate fudge and let you eat the whole thing :)

Bullshee said...

Errrrrrr........I don't handle female emotions very well.....
On the other hand, I always like to see the lighter side of life.....
So guffawing on the "underwear you can't adjust during meetings" bit!!!ROTFL.
Errr...sorry you're feeling crappy.It'll pass.As all things must.

arpana said...

@ nasia - insha allah, ppl share your thoughts :)

@ Sakshi - thanks :) feeling better after that fudge :D

@ Bullshee - I know , thanks :)

Di said...

Tcha...sakshi beat me to the fudge idea!...but one more tub of choc ice cream never hurt there u go! :))