Tuesday, July 10

Then, there are times when I think, if only she was around and I could hear her voice, but once. Just once.If only he was here, if I could hold him long enough, to let go of everything else.

And then, the void within pulsates again, like a heartbeat sounding to an ethereal body of pain which refuses to die away; like the sounding of death knells on every moment that I live without them.

And then, droplets form in the corner of the eyes, I shut my eyes hard and will them out, they wont, they retreat into the shady depths of the soul , deep and dark, dank and musty depths, where lies hidden a deep nothingness, waiting to become nothingness.

Finally, I smile, eyes crinkle, in pain? in anguish? I know not but I promise him, and I reassure her, soon enough, wait along, soon enough


Shek said...

are you living your life in memories or are memories living your life?

Phoenix said...

Give the promise, take the strength
And move on.
Life cant be lived in "if only"s.

nasia said...

:-( I m teary

nasia said...

luved the layout.. :-)