Wednesday, September 19

aaj vividh bharti pe aap sun rahe hain ....

Heard this song on Vividh Bharati on my way back home.
This song has always been one of my "ultimate" romantic songs.
See how serene the setting, obviously the pair is not well off, he's riding a bicycle, but they are oblivious to that; what matters to them is not the riches, but rather themselves. Thats love. Isnt it?
To be happy because the one person who matters the most is next to you. ahh I could go on, but lets stop here.

hey maine kasam li,
hey tune kasam li, nahin honge juda hum.....

paake tujhe khoya kabhi,
khoke kabhi paaya ,
janam janam tere liye,
badli humne kaaya

Another reason for my romance with this song is dad.
I have a CD of a collection of similar songs at home. I would always play this CD atleast once in a couple of days -usually when he would be near the sink shaving, he loved this song. He would stride down to the living room, wearing nothing except for his 'trademark' underwear, do a funny dance and ask "have you seen this sorta dance elsewhere?" I would always laugh and reply "yes - you just did" and get a smear of his shaving cream on my nose or cheek and walk away humming this song. Dad believed in love, forever an optimist dad was a joker, a clown,a friend, a whipping boy, a pillar but above all, a perfect human being - and a perfect dad. He loved his children more than anything, and *pats self on the back* I was his favorite *grins*

Today, in the dead of the night, listening to this song in the cab, brought back such vivid memories of his shaving cream, that I had to wipe my nose to check if there was any chaving cream there - I could almost smell it there :D

Here's the youtube embed -


Shekhar said...

Haven't heard this song before, but I have a playlist on my iPod titled 'Oldies' which have songs from the era gone by. I listen to it at night to bring back memories of songs heard on the radio on Vividh Bharti.

nasia said...

nostalgia.. is always beautiful.. and then thanks to u tube

Di said...

oye..saw the song for the first time..i love cycles!!! this is total chweety romantic ! :)

Shveta said...

is there a way to listen vivid bharti online or all india radio ki urdu service, does anyone knows?? sitting in USA.

br8star said...

In same boat as Shveta...anyone knows a way to hear Vividh Bharti online?...even if it's a recorded one, chalega...missing good old Hindi songs.. :-(