Wednesday, October 31


# learnt why they say dont mix business and pleasure

# relearnt why Quality guys are such dorks by definition

# best friend's getting married - in th midst of all the Yippeees and congrats and bhangdas and pulling jiju's leg, a bolt of electricity just struck home that mom's not gonna be happy -she'll re-start her "search" with greater vigour, and every single day your's truly shall be nagged to death.(the gazillion rupee (now that the rupee is appreciating - I prefer to be more patriotic and not say dollar :P) queschun is that, how do you convince mom that you would kill to stay alone but you dont want to be a murderer.

# Meenakshi's post and Taru's comments on love just made me feel like Hitler bhaishab part 2 (of course the female version - what were you thinking??) This made sure that there ensued a detailed conversation with yours truly on the pros and cons of love. After a detailed cost-benefit analysis (now I have to show some value add to the amount my company's spending on the corporate course at IIMB dont I? but err... just dont ask me what the words mean) ont eht extensive topic of love, we (the pro yours truly and the con yours truly) decided that , our resumes do not have requsitie skill sets to even venture out in that field.
The skill sets on the cirriculum vitae is limited to being a dork and being made fun of.
(the author does not wish to disclose the deep emotional moments of introspection she had .... the times when she listened to the songs of Pyaare Mohan - (remember that very forgettable movie?) and almost cried out loud at the growing "chakkaism" in the bollywood with the advent of Ranbir Kapoor, so she'll end the post here, and now.)

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Raviraj said...

I see you ladies exchanging girly advice. Nice !