Thursday, November 29

The Favor

Will someone do me this favor?
Empty that cauldron of dreams,
Switch off the moon too
And pull the plug off the stars
For they are far too noisy and add to the chaos deep within

Mute that rustle of the Gulmohar
Pause that incessant dripping of water
From that tap yonder
Hold back the sun
And postpone the day
For they search too long and deep for secrets hidden within

Just let me slip under the blanket of darkness
and moist it with my tears
let me drown in the sounds of my sobs
amplified a zillion times over by my grief
gasping for air and clutching for life
until the sobs and their sounds take over
leading me to that death valley of dreamless sleep.


Raviraj said...

excellent..just what the world needs..too much happiness going around I say :D

ani said...

ki hoya kudiye?

Anonymous said...

why do u even think writing such stuff will gain you sympathy?
It may evoke such feelings in people who dont know you, not in people who know you are sheer granite.

Sakshi said...

GOing through similar phase. You put it so much more poignantly than I ever can.

DreamCatcher said...

oyyyyyy ye kya aap to marne par utar aaye..

jhappi..guess we need to talk ;)

u have written so well yaar..

dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum said...

hey the lines arent bad mate
well at least not the run of the mill..

'am not here
you neednt fear
but when am gone
you'll wait by the fone'... rhyming kinds ;)

alritey heres sumthin...

the video is from the movie 'Lucia y el sexo' or 'Sex and Lucia' in layman's language.

watch the movie.... if ya can find it..pretty neat. i guess you'll like the song anyway...

writerwoman said...

I really like the second stanza.