Sunday, December 16

and , in a moment

lazy sunday afternoon,

the kind of noons when you hear the phone ringing, dont even stretch your hand out to put it on a silent mode, instead, just turn the other side, drag the pillow over your hear, snuggle a li'l more and curl up.

the kind of noons, that when you suddenly feel bored, and like the feeling of feeling bored and lazily, yawn and stretch and plonk back into your pillows.

the long noon, when a moment reminds of you of someone, and then, a song creeps up into your senses ...

thought Sakshi would have that song, as soon as fingers touched the keyboard, they rummaged through her website and returned back a li'l disappointed; but anyways, here's the moment and feel free to wallow in the grief of broken love as Mukesh sings for Manoj Kumar in this block buster of yester years - Purab aur Paschim.


Reading poetry ... "All You Who Sleep Tonight" by Vikram Seth.

Sit, drink your coffee here; your work can wait awhile.
You’re twenty-six, and still have some life ahead.
No need for wit; just talk vacuities, and I’ll
Reciprocate in kind, or laugh at you instead.

The world is too opaque, distressing and profound.
This twenty minutes’ rendezvous will make my day:
To sit here in the sun, with grackles all around,
Staring with beady eyes, and you two feet away.

- Vikram Seth.

What a juxtaposition to the song and the poem, what a marvel is the mind that can conjure up two separate sets of emotions in a single moment?

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nasia said...

first of all.. wat a poem..!!! by Mr seth..
and i feel like that all teh time.. lazy.. ALL THE TIME..hope i wake up