Tuesday, December 11

Yet another Sunday? No way

Sundays are those lazy relaxing days of your life when you spend most of it curled up on your Kurlon matresses.

The above statement holds good, if you dont (I repeat) DONT have a younger cousin who declares her intentions to get married to the family.

*sigh* sadly, I have a horde of younger cousins, and being so very hep and all that, nice and all that, intelligent and beautiful (bootiful too? :P) and all that, it is but imperative that they fall in love; once in love, *more sigh* as the rest of the world knows, you decide to bid adieu to freedom and singledom, leaving poor older cousins to be emotionally blackmailed by everyone excluding (thankfully) the mail man.

So while, my dear pretty intelligent young cousin declares at home that she is in love and shall get married to her knight in shining armor, I cannot help but think of free and tasty three course meal that will served at the occasion of her marriage, with a little twinge of the familiar disgust at the camera man who will be ever so eager to capture those moments when the sambhar trickles down my chin and ruins my expensive salwar suit and my mother cannot help but think of "why is my daughter being such a donkey that she cannot think of marriage, but only the food at marriage?"

Coming to think of it I would love to declare at home that Im in love too, and I keep doing that every now and then too, only I go " mann! I love this book" or I go "mannn whoever invented solitaire, I love the game"; but I guess the society as a whole hasnt advanced so much as yet to allow marriage between living and non living things.

Seriously though, on a parting note : I know the truth. No one else does. No one else understands, and maybe it is better to leave somethings to be un-understood by anyone else.When it comes to that, let it come to that; else , it will all anyways end.


sparx said...

Life is a female dog. Cousins who get married are black widow spiders :P

Pavitra said...

you also get martied no then?? yu also tell no at home, you like siddarth :)))))))))

and then you did not come to my marriage no, but I will come to your marriahge :))))))))))

sparx said...

@pavitra : With all due respects,"you also get martied no" and "yu also tell no" is bad English. Period.

Anonymous said...

same old story about marriage eh?

Bullshee said...

why is my daughter being such a donkey that she cannot think of marriage, but only the food at marriage?

Sadly I agree with YOUR MOM!!

Sambhar trickling down your chin?!!!Come on Arpz!!Even I don't eat THAT messy!!


Pretty Young Cousin said...

Thanks for the er...compliment, and Sparx, I take offense to your statement!

younger prettier cousin said...

sparx is a spaz.what a bitch of a thing to say to someone getting married!

above also said...


ani said...

all i cud think of was 'sunday bloody sunday' by U2! :D

ani said...

n yes siddharth??

arpana said...

@sparx - life's a she-dog; understood, par yaar! dont do the second part of the statment to me!!! (sparx @ comment 2 - I told ya how much I rotfl'ed at that one)

@ Pavitra - *rolls eyes* honeymoon ki chadi abhi tak utari nahin kya be!? Saala @#$!@$!@#$!#@4

@anon - yaar, suggest a topic :P

@Bullshee - et tu brutus? now you want me to get married???

@ pretty young cousin - babes, and you know I mean it (if it is the pretty young cousin I hope it is)

@prettier younger cousin - (errr??? now whos this?) but anyways, go on, I always love a nice fight, rip the man apart

@above also (which I think is prettier younger cousin again) - Gautham Buddha. I love non violence.

@Ani - you bet, and see also the comment above :)

The singleton society said...

you cannot claim to be one of us, when you have a "siddarth" tucked away somewhere .. we demand a public profiling of this Siddarth who has taken you away from us, a blog url, an orkut url and a post detailing everything, including his pic is in cards

the pretty young cousin's aunt said...

oh, and your pretty young cousin's aunt (yaani teri maa) agrees to the above statement too.

sparx said...

@ pretty young cousin : I feel for Arpz coz I get the same crap abt marriage at home too so no offense intended. Peace :)

@younger prettier cousin: Plz to be taking the holier than thou , fake concern, aghastness, shocked , oh my gad expression/comment elsewhere. I am a citizen of a free country with the right to free speech and I exercise my right !

Anonymous said...

stop all of your speculations right now.

JustSo we demand to know who this siddarth is, you have mentioned him twice already on your blog.

ani said...

sheesh! this is fun! :D
~ luv ya arpz!