Tuesday, January 22

another rant

well, blogging wasnt really in my agenda today.. but today's events kinda made me change my mind.
You see I HAD let go of my steam somewhere.

I read Sakshi's blog about parents influencing kids, left a comment and moved on, very ignorant of the fact that this particular post was the way my day was about to turn to....

I mean how dumb should one be to blindly follow the parents' wishes?
I agree parents play an important AND a major role in your life, I accept that you wouldnt be where you are without your parents, that you LOVE LOVE your parents, that to you parents are the version of God, and your mom is one of those "because God couldnt be everywhere, he made mothers" I agree I agree I agree.
I goddamnit agree to every single arguement. For Chrissakes, I have parents and like 99.9% of the population on the earth love them to no end. I have a brother whom I treat like a son (esp after dad passed away - always called the kid as bacha, never bro); so I understand how the parents feel about their offspring (okay not 100% know, but atleast you know - know)


Why the F should you not let your parents see your goddamn side of the coin? why the heck should you leave someoneelse stranded in the bloody middle of nowhere just because you love your parents (like no other homosapien who's walked the earth ever did is it?)
you may go screw yourself in your ass and like I care.
I get all pissed off when you get some poor unsuspecting soul involved, decide that you are the Shahrukh in Devdas and she is Aishwarya, or you decide that you are Hrithik Roshan of Kaho na Pyaar hain and she is some equally disgusting lead actress ... and in your delusion, bunk classes; walk in dark bylanes that only killers frequent, run around trees, engrave your names on their trunks (leaving the poor tree with a little less bark and wishing it could bite - okay PJ- forget it) , promise each other stuff like I shall never let go of you even if the sensex crashes another 4000 points; and look deeply into each other's eyes and sigh and say - "you are the most beautiful creature on earth" though you are secretly imagining her to be Catherine Zeta Jones.
There you get my goat. When you do all that, I want you to enact that scene where the hero/ heroine says "par papa mujhe sirf Rahul/ Gopi/ tom/ his dick/ harry se hi pyaar hain, main usi se shaadi karoongi" and when the bald headed amrish puri styled papa says "ek phooti kaudi nahin milegi", walk into the room, pick up all your MAC cosmetics, all your Ritu Beri dresses and all the matching Tanishq and De Beers accessories in your plush suitcase and heave your bosoms and march out of the house, leaving your dad sobbing for having lost more than 90% of his hard earned money and the guy jumping up in glee (MAC Ive heard sells at a profit even in the seconds/ Garage sale) and mouthing "mujhe sirf aapki beti ki zaroorat hain, uske daulat ki nahin" while eyeing that Nakshtra pendant she's wearing.

On a more serious note - I mean what the heck is the issue ? if you really thought something that you did is wrong, did you not have the brains to realise that in the very beginning?
if you are convinced what you are doing IS correct, then why not let those two people see that you want to make your own decisions in your life?
So, they will be angry? The parents will disown you? Throw you out of the house?
Come on, if I let the few parents I have seen be an example ... I agree they might react emotionally/ violently but after all parents are people who have given you their entire life, they have had dreamt about you long before you were born, all their life has been centered around seeing you happy, making adjustments, compromising on their happinessess, just to make sure you have everything you need.

I fail to see why any sane and rational parents will not sober down if they see their children happy with the partners they have chosen.
As managers, most of us convince people about their careers, about their salaries, about their pay packets and sometimes, when the team member has personal issues and approaches us with those, we venture out to give advice even about that.

I fail to see why, if we can convince a set of people who are only related to us due to a transaction called employment, we cannot convince a set of people to whom we are the centre of the universe?

I also fail to see why someone would give up without trying to do any of this. was it because the relation was a joke? I mean you invested so much of time, effort, money, emotions and yourself into this relation just to play a practical prank? Dude, then that was one pathetic practical joke you pulled out of your hat there.
If it wasnt a joke, why the hell arent you trying to make things happen? you are talking about three things here - you, her/him and the damn relation which has so much of investment locked into it (pardon my business jargon - but *shrugs*) ... you have no right to destroy something that took two people to create; more so no right to leave someone in a state of a nervous wreck - just think of how it would have been if it was the other way round? if the person whom you are dumping actually dumped you? would it still be a joke for you?

Dammit, I could go on and on, but it would just be a waste of my time and effort, and as it is Im kinda running out of steam and have an email to attend to now.

but if you are wondering why all this rant on a topic I usually steer clear of,
it is because, we literally had to PULL and I mean PULL a colleague out of a suicidal mode, just because the girl he liked decided the relation was "not worth" giving a try.
I mean after 4 years of going around with each other .... I shocked to hear that statement, in 4 years, you even fall in love with a pet you have; with a damn animal and this guy is the most doting, loving affectionate and completely selflessly in love boyfriend Ive ever seen.
If I had a guy who showered me with atleast 10% of how much love this guy has for his girl, I would lose all this extra weight that I have incorporated into my personality. No seriously, dont laugh, I would. I would lose the extra 100 kgs I have. I would even go in for a plastic surgery to look like his favorite heroine. No, I would. Seriously.

His lacklustre eyes and his dull statement of "You wont even see me tomorrow" amid tears... havent left me yet. The man was broken, believe me, b-r-o-k-e-n.
I shudder to think of such a day in my life (or wait - have I already gone through it? yeah I have - the day I refused to listen to dad - I was broken; rather, my leg was - in an accident)


Adarsh said...

k-k-k-k- Calm down :P

kya hoo-haa rant tha ... hehe

on a serious note.... u are right but you know .... i hate when people think of suicide. I believe that is a stupid and selfish act.
all this funda of "main uske bina nahin reh sakta/sakti" is crap. how the hell did he/she live before meeting her/him ??
anyway.... i won't rant here... kabhi mood kiya to apne blog pe :P

Anurag said...

agree to what u have written in principle

but one few things...u said about rational n logical thinkin...cant always give that argument..emotions are not always rational n logical

again...what ur friend is going thru...is terrible...more so coz the other person refuses even to meet him...its like breaking the last link one is holding on to...

hope he gets over it

Anonymous said...
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Sakshi said...

I agree with your point about parents. From the two occasions such tamashes went down (that i was a witness to, a post worthy event), after the couple married, they all reconciled. That is life :)

arpana said...

@adarsh :) haan kahin pe to I needed to rant. and about not being able to live without the other person - each man to himself, I really cant comment.

@anurag - yaar, emotions in this case are nothing but hurt egos, parents reconcile - atleast from wat Ive seen

@anon - deleted you

@sakshi - watya waiting for? post naa?

Hope said...

lump in throat.... parents do reconcile coz they LOVE you ... I, of all people, couldn't agree more. I don't have a huge point to make other than the fact that persistence is the key.

Johnny Cigar said...

your friends story sounds utterly familiar..
do we know eachother?
or is it everybody's story?

lankythoughts said...

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