Tuesday, February 10

how does a title matter?

Its been so so long since Ive written on this space, and I was so about to write all crappy stuff like - you guys should actually be commemorating me – for letting you live in peace for so long and not torturing you guys to my random aimless pieces of words.

But after a dedication of his blog post to me( it was a shared dedication, like those saamoohik shaadiyan … you know, all those people together getting married on the same day, the mangal sutras being given away by some big fat, dark, ass scratching, leching-at-the-brides-to-be samaaj sevak… comon haven’t u seen saamohik shaadiyan on DD news(bachpan main)? It was that types of a dedication, but a dedication nevertheless) and then a blog award by none other than (who else?) Bulshee again … mere dil main likhne ki iccha jag uthi. (that sounds really weird .. iccha jaag uthi? Acha! kal raat kab soyi thi, itni der se uth rahi hain ab?)

Don’t you dare comment on how low my PJ skills have fallen… it is an occupational hazard. R, my dear friend who gets married a couple of months after I do, has seen his PJ quotient do a bungee jump… he is yet waiting for it to bounce back, and I have a distinct feeling that it has been eaten up by a big fat crocodile on its way down. A moment of silence for his PJ quotient please, though the usage of “quotient” as a measure always makes me wonder what the dividend and the divisor are … but then, im not known for my intellectually stimulating thoughts, am I?

Though I know you are all very excited to know how the marriage preps are underway, let me spare you the gory (and the kaali and the naarangi) details of the horrors of when I went saree shopping or footwear shopping (Ive gone color blind looking at the colors there) ; and move onto a most interesting topic that Ive evaded for a long time now.

Now, Im the master procrastinator, who loves to put off things until the last minute, but better late than never, isn’t it?

So here’s the tiresome (err…) threesome tag that the supergal hath tagged me with. So, while Bulshee’s blog award requires me to write 10 truths about myself, moi pense, that the long list of threes will outnumber the required tens. :)

I get to write random truths about myself, and if those truths aren’t exciting enough, I get to make up excitingly false random truths about myself, but all in threes :D

3 Joys
- mujik
- masti and
- Joy Mukherjee*

3 Fears
- Losing my freedom (which I will lose on the 19th of this month – yea yea just 10 more days to go)
- Hieghts
-shopping (to which I have been subjected to, continuously over the past 2 months)

3 Goals

- To have no goals (the irony, yeah)
- To not watch Goal (despite the sexy John Abraham)
- To have an extra marital with Abhishek Bachchan

3 Random Ssurprising Facts:
- Loos NEED to be clean, else, im not giving up my excreta (does a same pinch to Wsw)
- I think passing under a railway bridge when a train is passing up there is good luck
- Im regarded as extremely shy and reserved by my relatives

3 Current Obsessions:
- Songs of Delhi 6
- Emoshonal Atyachar
- My lappie (though this is an eternal obsession)

3 People Who Make me Laugh
- My 5 year old cousin
- Russel Peters
- the guy who writes those hilarious dialogues/ poems for Roshesh in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

3 Things I hate
- Fights
- Attitude (esp., the “Im always right” attitude & the “pity me” attitude and the … oh I can go on)
- Judgmental Bastards

3 Things I don’t understand
(huh, only 3? Bahut naainsaafi hain)
- Why October 2008 ended up the way it did
- Why is cricket given so much of importance in apna des
- why I put on so much of weight despite not eating a damn thing.

3 Things Im doing right now
- Blogging (duh-uh)
- listening to mujik
- waiting for 9PM, so that I can pack up.

3 Things I can do
- Be silent for days together (irony – im a chatterbox)
- Hate people so much to wish that the Japs nuke them
- Do Nothing (I know, the irony)

3 Things I cant do
- Be a hypocrite
- Forgive people easily
- Fall out of love easily

3 Things I think you Should Listen To

- Delhi 6 – the title song. Awesomeness
- Raag AnandBhairavi … esp when you are about to get married
- Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel

3 Things you should never Listen to

- himesh singing “tan tana na na tandoori nights” (scratch that, make it, Himesh singing ANYTHING)
- the definition of beauty that involves the words slim and fair and blah
- people saying “trust me” or “you know me”

3 Absolute Favorite Foods

- Shake Shake Fries of Mc Ds (sadly that’s stopped now)
- Bhindi fry
- Scalding hot mirchi ke bhajjiye :D

3 Things I would like to Learn

- understand a woman’s mind (I know … me being a woman and all, but still)
- understand what would make my hubby do all the ghar ka kaam (evil moi)
- to act like a chammak challo

3 beverages I drink regularly

- paani paani re
- diet coke (kahin to calorie count karen :P )
- Tea

3 Shows I watched as a Kid

- Nukkad
- Mahabharath
- He-Man

(* Joy Mukherjee - supposedly an actor - dad had pointed out to some random orange and yellow clad guy of a 1970s movie & said - joy mukherjee, and hence his existence was prooved)

PS - some pirablem with blogger on this network, so wont be able to put up bulshee's bootiphool award, will do so later


Uma said...

- Why is cricket given so much of importance in apna des
- Its not like that..I am posting this comment by missing jaisurya's wicket..yeee he is out :)

Lotsa gud wishes girl...
From Joy Mukherjee a thot came to my mind..Are you a bong by any chance? (i guess u r from karnataka..rt.)

WSW said...

Wow!You wrote something and that too my tag..yeehaa!!
Yeah I know I have to do it...will do...will do...
10 days!!Then you become all shaadi shuda..badhai ho...u shud put up some pics of sarees and shoes (also saves effort of doing an actual post ;) )

And poor fiance..will udergo hindi ka atyaachar !

D writer said...

Congrats in advance for your wedding...I m sure I m not the first one to tell u but still..u hav got an awesome sense of humour...i love wat u write

dharmabum said...

your 5 year old cousin makes you laugh, yet you hate kids? is that an exception to the rule?

dharmabum said...

hey, i been looking forward to a post on the new life. humour me, please will ya?

WSW said...

Are you all married and off the market?
Will you set the longest disappearing act from blog world?