Thursday, May 6

Post Number 145

Extremely sleepy and bored at office.

Eyes are watering due to the sheer effort of keeping them open.

Listening to this song .

Nothing else to write about.

Just read this post , and thought, that used to be my blog once - I mean not the url and the writing, but the tone. Now, there is no emotion.

No need or want
No anger or sorrow
No looking forward to tomorrow.

Is it happiness? I hope so. *yawn*. I really need something to wake me up. Tears are flowing freely now. the eyes have reached the limit of staying open. I think I should paint my eyelids or something so that people think Im awake. *yawn*

I know Im not making an iota of sense. Im wiping my tears off the cheeks, and hoping the dampness will keep me awake for just a few more mins. The dress Im wearing is making me cranky. Just too much embroidery. I think I should just resign and spend a month sleeping. Can work for the rest of my life later.


Preeti said...

Lol! That's like my story, everyday after lunch at work! :D ;)

JustSo said...

@preeti - I think that is the story of every employee post lunch.