Wednesday, December 29

Mandatory decade ending post

so, the blogosphere is sure full of posts where they reminscise of the decade bygone, personal milestones, political upheaveals and etc., and hence the mandatory-ness (is that even a word) of this post.

The decade has been pretty interesting. Some of them not-so- interesting, and some parts so darn interesting, that I wish they never happened.

So while I can talk about how Y2K began with me passing out of 12th and 2010 is ending with me becoming a mother, and amid these two years, how I broke a heart, got a job, witnessed the death of a grandparent, flunked CA Final, got promoted, discovered blogger & orkut, lost my dad to death,got promoted, did a management course at the IIM, got promoted, got to be a part of one of the biggest corporate mergers of the decade, fell in love, got promoted, made new friends, left some off, got promoted, got heart broken, got married, bought a house, tried making it a home, undertook the biggest loan of my life ever till date, got pregnant n a mom to a beautiful baby girl,

i'll prefer to hope that the next decade is happier than the last decade and yes, just as interesting, but with a few parts where I lose people to death skipped.


adarsh said...

Wow, lot of promotions !
Very good.
Probably the next decade-end post will feature similar things (minus the deaths) but with respect to your kid(s) :)

Happy New Year :)

Phoenix said...

Amen to better tomorrows!

Srik said...

Happy new year(Decade) - Madam!
Congratulations on the new status(promotion) in your life now :-)

- Srik

Arpz said...

@adarsh - I might have left a couple of "got promoted"s somewhere in between ... but well life is a package of everything - gotta accept it right?

@Phoenix - amen to that.

@Srik - thanks! and happy new year/ decade to you as well.