Tuesday, April 12

Life, as we knew it once

has ended. Life as we knew it was the life where we
  • Spoke all night long on long distance calls - now we wake up to crying baby who has peed.

  • Knew all the movies that were to release each Friday - now we know which vaccine has to be administered when

  • Drank and ate everything under the sun - now, a mojito and a cosmopolitan is viewed with the same disgust we reserve for religious fundamentalists.

  • Worked 18 hours a day - now we are "on call" 24 hours a day - 20 of them with the baby

  • Never got constipated - now, we have no time to shit, we are always constipated

  • While I could go on and on, it suffices to say that things are never the same when life as you know it, ends once and for all.


    Delirium said...

    Never the same I say. Initially, the work hours used to be like 9 to 5. Now the 'resident shift' extends from 5 to 9 as well!

    kunal dusane said...

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