Monday, March 12

Let things be

sometimes it is best to let things be. Especially if they are memories that make you wear rose colored glasses when you look back at them.

So, when someone from the past wants to catch up. you are excited.
After all, it is a slice of life that you have left behind, it will remind you of when you were younger, had more hair on the head, lesser hair on the face, when your 'skinny jeans' still fit you, and when you could hear whistles as you walked by a group of boys.
Who wouldn't want to remind self of such a beautiful time?

And, then.

While you get all readied up to meet and greet this person and your past. You realize. It is best to let things be.

You dont want to see your Ex now bald or pot bellied, or having turned out completely different from how the younger you would imagine he would look like 10 years from hence.

Or Worse. You wont want to know that your Ex turned out exactly how you imagined he would be 10 years from thence, and feel bad about yourself with your receding hairline and your love handles which could seat two, and your disillusioned eyes.

you have what you want on an online photo gallery. you have what you want in the now-manipulated-and-distorted-with-nostalgia hallways of your memory palace.


Anonymous said...

who be this? we thought we were the only people allowed an extra marital affair in ur life :P

- the dark lord

JustSo said...

@ The dark Lord - *barf*... *Gag*... *Barf* Thoo nimmajji! this be someone 'blast from the past'. you not know.

Anonymous said...

Aiyyooo!! shiva shiva!! shantam paapam! shantam paapam! men we dont know in your life! Aiyyoo paapi, how many more secretsu u have hidden from me? u!

JustSo said...

Too much ra maga. how much nautanki and all u will do. read the essence of the postu. see how thin i wasu. that is wat is important ra.

Pavitra said...

I want to know too!!!! who is it Dolly?

Phoenix said...

not bad. not bad. dangerous waters. dont tread. dont tread.

Indian Home Maker said...

I was going to leave a comment about letting things be and then read all the comments above :)

Anonymous said...

thin?..........?!! :-O

JustSo said...

@anon - see the photo boss! that is why we put up proof :P btw - who this be? who do not know we were thin once? who who who I say?