Wednesday, September 1

exams ......? hunh

hmm ,

aaah ,

ooooo ,

ok ... so i have an exam !

< Stupid Conscience> yes ... and u arent studying

< Me> i can pass without studyin ... im a genius !

< SC> ha ha yes so im aishwarya rai ....!

< me> i hate you n i hate to study and i'll pass without an ounce of studies im intelligent and u are a duhpot

< SC> hmmm ok, when has anyone listened to me before a downfall

< me> woooooooooow a gr8 movie on the TV

< SC> but i thought u had your Income tax to finish

< Me > O shut up ! @#$%^

< SC> u cld have finished a chapter by now !

< me> my friend is online

< SC> He's probably done his revision twice by now ..........

< Me> O shut up !

< SC> talk to your friend and he'll confirm wat i just said !

< me >,, '(typing furiusly to drown SC's voice in the typing sounds) "have u finished studyin?"

,, " nope but i guess ... i will have to , my conscience will not let me go otherwise !!"

Dint i tell u Miss SC , he hasnt studied .....

hunh ........... stupid exams ! stupid ppl !

I should have taken that vacation !!!


Bona Petite said...

so how did the exam go??? :P

arpana said...

nope , im still wrestling with my SC , the exam is a coule of days away :((

sayer said...

so how did the exam go?

arpana said...

Not bad ... not very good too though , just scraped through