Saturday, October 30


yes o yes .... near and yet so far .... i just have to walk over to get it !!

hey ! but wait ! now what is this ??

Noooooooooooo it cannot be .... now when i am sooo tantalisingly close , when i have just enough life to reach out for it ...

This cannot be happening !!nooooooooooooooo

not more of these obnoxious , insufferable ,awful predators who want to kill me and take my life away and lead me into that dark hell hole !

I shall battle them , ravaged by the battles fought already , i shall stand again against them I have only one statement in this strife ridden war field .."I shall win"

yes , out comes my sword , i slash them everywhere , these are all the minions of the greater evil .... that evil i must find and destroy .. they come in hordes and attack me ,

i am alone with only my sword for company , yet go on bravely using all the tactics to outdo them & yes, yes they are all dead

yes , the path is finally clear ... i am running towards my destiny , my elixir , i have got it in my reach .... yes , just one more step !

pooooooooooooooh GOddamn this stupid power supply ! has to stop when i have reached the last level of my wonderful computer game ..

Now i 'll have to play it all over again ! ooo how i hate it when the power gets cut ......!

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