Monday, November 1

Someday............but ,

Someday .......

Someday ,

Someday, I might just look back,

Someday ,

someday , I might just be able to say ,

Something on today.........

Something like "How Silly ! "

Or maybe something like

"'Twas all just Dilly Dally"


Someday, I might just look back

and not see this huge sack

that im forced to carry now !

Someday I might just stand tall

and straight

without this disheartening

dull weight ....

on my soul , someday,

Someday, I might just become whole !

But .........

But today,

What I have today is my personal hell,

Today what I have is something i cannot tell,

Today whatI carry is more than just a sack,


It is a bundle of hopes and joys,

Of love and life , of greens and dreams,

and visions of standing tall .........


All of which are broken and bent ,

And draped with sighs & wound with sobs ,

fastened by tears and bundled in fears ,!

Someday ,Someday

I might just look back !!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arps !

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Bona Petite said...

hey, i understand what that feels EDP exam...