Monday, November 8

Beata solitudo ... sola beatitudo !

was floating in the deep space with no sense of direction , floating aimlessly in the matter they call bliss.... didnt have any more wants or desires , just one ... just to continue this blissful journey in the deep dark space where there exists no time , no emotion ... just bliss .....

that is when the crash happened !

The crash that was due to a deafening sound ,

It shattered the space i was floating in , it removed the solitude and

made me a commoner among the this milling multitude of masses,

Well , in short , the alarm clock just decided to ring shrilly ! ......

and i was reminded of my sacred duties , and woke up grudgingly to complete them , had to wake up when eveyone was up and working , but at the other end of the world , here in my World the sky was still pitched in darkness and dotted with twinkling stars ! wanted to go to sleep again when the Lord Krishna on my wall reminded me "Do your Work Sincerely and Expect No Rewards "( "karmanevadhikarste ma phaleshu kadachana")

Arrived at office to attend the training session , and what a beginning to the day , the floor looked so bleak after a weekend , not a single soul in the floor except for me .....

well, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do , attended the training ( not that i got to know anything more than i already knew ) .... and now am typing out this blog to keep the clouds of sleep from covering my eyes ... though i know my mind needs another tour to that deep dark land of bliss and solitude !

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