Wednesday, December 15


Means offering .... any offering to GOD.

I like to attach more meaining to my name and like to think Arpana (I / body or the soul) is an offering to GOD. It is the ability ( as Tagore put it in one of his poems) the will to surrender myself to thine will. It is dedication of oneself , body and soul , thoughts and words , action and inaction , love and hate , purity and impurity and all those hundred other things that make me ( both this body [which defines my boundary in this materialistic world] and the soul ( which is a part of GOD himself) to HIM .

Arpana thus means an offering , a dedication to the LORD .

So who am I ? Am i just an offering ? What is my role in this vast inky blue sky? What am I in this crowd of people , planets , suns , stars , galaxies and universes ? Why am I here ? What brought me here ? Do I have a specific reason to be here ... doI have something I alone can do ? Is there a void that I alone can fill ?

Or am i Just another body, whose existence can be thrown away just by a mere blowing of this cosmic wind known as time ? Am I just a body .... a body that is a boundary marking out a certain area in this cosmos ? Am I just a form born out of a momentary pleasure ? A mass of a vast system envolped in one another forming tissues ?

Why then Do I have ceratin emotions and desires ? Is it because of this body Or is it because of the soul? Does the soul really exist? If it does not .... when why do we die? what is death ? Is it the absence of soul ? or is it the absence of functioning of a system in this multilayered multi dimensional mass of flesh and blood ?

What is my function here ? Why am I here ? What am i offering ? and what am i being offered ? O Lord ..... You showed me the light and the path by asking me to "Do my Duty without thinking of the fruit , not to do action and niether to invoke inaction for the sole reason of an end. " Now tell me this , what is my duty? what duties am I supposed to perform ? Whom am I supposed to fight ? Whos side am I suposed to take ? What is right and what is wrong? What is the means ans what is the end ? What is action and what is inaction ? What is duty and what is its fruit?

Do I fight You ? You who is my creator ? You who is nothing but me ? If you are me then what am I ? You are formless , I have a boundary . How then am I ,you or You , me ?

If My soul is one with you , why then am I restricted by this wall which is the body ? If a body is a necessity for a soul to be in ... for did you not say ... soul changes the body just as one would change the clothes ? then why do YOU not have a body ?

I see YOU everywhere , in everything , so do you see me ? Or does that mean I see myself in everything ?

I am Arpana . Is a name an indicator of a soul ? Or is it an indicator of the body ? If it is the indicator of one , then what is the indicator of the other ? What denotes me and what denotes you ? What is a question and what is an answer ? An answer leading to another question that leads to another answer which takes us to another question ? So why do you have a question and an answer ?

I am Arpana. Who are You ?


Solo said...

Actually the previous means 'I am That', but 'He' fits too, as we should consider God to be beyond gender.
As for the post, I personally believe that all of us are unique, no matter what the criteria used to compare two beings, and have a unique role to play in the history of the world, and thus the universe. The rock on which an Emperor's horse stumbles and falls, lethally injuring the emperor, is as important as the emperor, in the final analysis.
So there is no reason for anyone to feel unimportant, one must be patient, as evolution works on a time-scale that is beyond the comprehension of our short-term obsessed minds.

Nikhil said...

"what's in a name??........."

The same cliched expression.....

Let's put it to use here...

P.S Never wondered so much about a name!!!