Thursday, January 20

The Argument continues ??!!

[Me ]hmmm ! Im feeling sooooo sleepy ! Wish I could take off today !

[SC ]what ? take off ? what for ? You came by bus so that you could sleep all the way to office , havent touched your computer except to chat and write a couple of blogs , and you want to take off ?

[me ]O Shut up ! Im working very hard , I need an off

[SC ]Working hard eh ?

[me ]dont you remember , I stayed for almost 13 hours at office the other day ?

[SC ]* laughing in glee* .... * looking at me as though it has finally cornered me *

O yeah ! I remember , you stayed for more than 13 hours that day , but dearie , wasnt it beacuse you had not finished your work on time ?

[me ]eh .... errr .... uhmmm ... ahem ! Nopes * that doesnt sound convincing to myself *

(IMPORTANT NOTE : must remember to look convincing when I try to lie the next time , esp when i need to lie to my conscience)

Nopes Stupid , it was because , my tool is very slow and the net was slow and a thousand other things were not working that day ....

[SC ]Not to mention your head also , well thats usual ... *looking bored*

[me ]* Trying to act angry now ,* well, I stayed back for almost a week for more than 13 - 14 hourws daily , I would come in at 7:30 and leave at 8:30 !

[SC ]*Nodding its head as though in agreement* ( People , If you knew my conscience as well as I do , you would never ever think that that nod is agreement . It is just the opposite ! )

Yes , you did and you did seem to work hard ( now that doesnt mean you did work hard ... ! ) .....(too early to get a twinkle in the eye ... ! I sigh ! )

but what is the use sweetheart ? You r manager ended up doing all the work on a weekend in office !

[ me ]awwwwwwww come on now , I was there on that Sunday too .....

[SC] Well, Once in a while you do take a break from taking breaks !

[me ]Im just tired , you make me even more tired ... I need a break , Im soo sleepy , Im soo hungry , I miss my friends soo much , I have so much homework to do ! Im have ............................................

[SC ]* beating its forehead in absolute exasperation* .... If only GOD had the good sense to put in 10% your energy in your actions rather than in your whining !

The argument continues .....

[SC ]*peeping in again * (now from where does this SC manage to drop into all unlikely places ) ..... well people , I think you know who wins the argument , "The argument continues " is only her version !

Well , guys , I'll just be back , I need to throw my SC into a bottomless pit and come ! pls do wait for me !

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