Monday, February 7

The Lovelorn Lady

All alone there she sits ,

Homeless and hopeless.

A huge mansion, sprawling gardens,

and luxury surround her,


on her face ,

there lays only despair,

and people say , her heart ,

it has broken beyond repair.

All alone there she sits,

with a tear stained lace ,

Homeless and Hopeless.

It is said ,

that into oblivion she watches,

all day and all night long,

with nothing to support her ,

but her will power strong.

Every night is a new moon night ,

every day is eclipsed.

Her body is a ghastly sight ...

and seems that her soul is whipped.


Day after day , night after night ...

there she sits , homeless and hopeless !

With no heart to say

"I love you"

with no hand to touch and care,

no lips to ask .."Do you love me too ?"

and ;

with no soul to give her

a home and live with her !

The ruthless world ,

the heartless souls,

the mindless people....

They are all the same,

they say the same , they see the same...

they all wonder the same thing too....

for ,

they all say ,

"Why should she be homeless ,

when she has a house?"

Why should she sit there ....

Homeless and hopeless?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arpz !

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