Monday, February 7

Despair !

I was thinking about my day ...
the most sorrowful Ive ever had ,
the saddest, the hardest,the deepest the darkest... all the adjectives seemed soo small compared to my troubles !
It seemed as though the sun had a personal vendetta against me , he was beating me with his rays in all his fury ,
It seemed as though the whole day was a nightmare .
I was sad ,
I was tired,
I thought I needed a break ,
I thought I needed rest.
I thought i wanted no more of life. No more of its love (or the lack of it ! ) no more strife or anyother emotion at all ! I just wanted nothing ...... until I saw a graveyard ... I had strayed from my path and entered this street which had a graveyard ...
An overwhelming sense of sorrow , pity , gratitude and joy came over me ,
I felt sad and pitiful for the dead , they could no longer feel , niether happiness , nor sorrow , they could not jump up in joy or stamp their feet in irritation ... they could do nothing but to lay there until eternity , until that final day of judgement.
That minute , I knew what I was looking for , I felt the peace I wanted , the joy i was so badly searching for .... I now welcomed life , I understood life with all its paradoxes ... now , no day is brighter than life and no night darker than the shroud of death. I have come to terms with my sorrows , my struggles and my own self .
It took death to teach me to live , it took me a moment's incorrect turn into a wrong path to put me back to life's correct path.
Now no matter what , no matter how sad I am , how sorrowful the day is , I never forget to smile , or atleast make others smile .... It is something we cant do after we are dead .... so why not do it now !


Solo said...

This was beautiful, epiphanic.

Anonymous said...

I was unhappy I did not have shoes , until I saw a man who did not have legs ... Emerson(i think)