Wednesday, March 2

Colours and Emotions

Everyday I wake up to see so many colours all around me , each to signify something unique , each colour to signify a seperate entity , Red means stop on a traffic signal , red means auspicious when getting married , red to symbolise that a woman is married in the Hindu society.... so many colours , so many meanings .. a hoarding shows black letters on a yellow background , the letters seem to jump out and hold you , engulf you and shout their message to you !

I dream in colour , I dont know if that really is the case with everyone or not , but I dream in colour .... nightmares , sweet dreams , dreams filled with anticipation of the coming day , dreams that make the impossible possible , dreams that give you what you have yearned for all you life ... every dream is in colour , every dream is a shade of a colour !

Emotions ? are emotions just black & white or they also balck and white ?
When in the clutches of a passionate emotion , we would never ever have stepped back to think of colour and its ties with emotion , but when impassionate ... when pondering back on events , when regretting over past incidents , when rejoicing over past joys , when feeling warm again thinking of that sweet embrace long gone in the past ... each memory becomes a colour , each emotion becomes a colour ......

Red flares ints nostrils in anger , Blue becomes calmness , Grey lies down in abject sorrow , Black becomes cunningness and evil ... Black also sulks in lonliness and dejection , Green schemes in jealousy and spite , Orange rances around flaunting around its happiness while Pink blushes in the memory of the lover , White walks around , proud of its purity , Brown sits down to muse and think , Blue lies watching the sky ... a reflection of itself , a remainder of vastness and broadmindedness .......

O so many colours , so many emotions ... only if the mind were a pallete and emotions were colours , the myriad that would be formed might have been named man !

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