Monday, May 16

Gifts and Books !

My CA exams finished on May8th , had to pick up a gift for a friend's son for his birthday , thought books would be ideal .... thats what I love about books , they are always there for you , whether as gifts or as companions for a long boring travel , they can be read in a boring meeting , yeah u read right ! A book in a meeting , just pick up that laptop of yours , open an E-book and go ahead , your boss will think you are engrossed in the company graphs ! Just be sure not to pick a hilarious book when your colleagues are discussing downsizing ! ( Now that would be a sure Faux Pas , giving you the perfect ticket to be a member of the downsized community) !
Well , Ive found out another beautiful advantage of gifting a book , you get to borrow the same again !!

Whenever in doubt as to what to gift , pick up a perfume or a soft toy for a girl , pick up a tie or a set of cufflinks for a boy , but if you have already gifted them , or you are unsure about the person's tastes , pick up a good book , well , errrrr .... I seem to be contradicting my sentiments again ! There is nothing like a good book , its only the reader and his perceptions that may vary !

So thats how I ended up buying an armload of books ! would have been a shipload of books , if I wasnt reminded ( a timely reminder at that) about the huge credit card bill ! Yeah the very same card I was about ask the cashier to swipe ! I reduced ( very reluctantly ) the number of books I wanted to buy.

Well, Im not too unsatisfied with the choice of books I made though ... tried out a new author ( well , the truth of the matter is ... he is new to me ... and is not a new author) , and found him to be a very very engrossing , I did almost everything , either thinking about or reading the book, It was simply unputdownable ! (Regular readers , would understand what I want to convey in dat term ..... for others ... Pals , It is my blog , so I use MY WORDS !!!) but sadly was morose too ! but hey ! Im not giving much here , I want to write my own personal book review ... mabbe in the next few weeks , so until then be content that after a very bewitching book , I launched on a very mundane Sidney Sheldon [:-(] Damn !

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