Monday, June 13

Well ...Lets Pay Tag again !

Got this meme from Ranj:
Total Number of Books I Own:

Inever never count the number of books I own , must be around 250-300 though , counting those poor souls that others have "borrowed" . Borrowed , My Hat ... bah ! I hate the guy who invented this word , just take whatever you want and say u've borrowed it ... and never bother to return the book ! bah ! But if you want an Physical inventory number of the number of books I have , then ummm well, I never count it , but one thing is for sure , whatever the number is , there is an addition of atleast 3-4 books every 2 weeks once.
I have Last Book I Read:

You must be crazzzzyyyyy to ask me such a question about the last book I read ... cos I have the habit of re reading books , So I may be reading a Tinkle from my very very far *sigh* childhood or may be deeply into the Ghost book I recently bought , but well , I just re read the Life of Vivekananda among all the other Financial Management books strewn around at home. [A serious Note : That was as on June 15th 2005 when i began this piece , but I went to Crossword on that very day and picked up Five points Someone , and yup , read it through the night .... so thats the most recent book ive read ... though ive begun on The Great Indian Novel as of now ! :D]
Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:

Well, tricky question ! Well , lets see If I can get to answering this one ...yeah , may not get down to listing 5 books cos it is books that mean a lot to me and not "the" books that mean a lot to me ( If you can get what im getting at ! ) but an attempt needs to be made . As my management Lecturer ( my mentor , my guru , my example , my idol , my foster father , the most endearing person of my alma mater, also My GOD) ..I know Im digressing from the point , but as I always say , this is my blog and I will write exactly what I want , if you get bored reading it .. then well there's always an Alt and and F4 on the keyboard .Also anyways , when ever i utter the words "Mgt Lecturer" the rest automatically follow , so it isnt really as though i forcefully made myself type all that ! well, now where was I ... lets see , yeah , as HE says " An attempt can be a failure, but never fail to attempt" ( one more bracket -- this time just to say that the comma and the "but" very much are there , and it is not a grammatical mistake ! )

Getting down to the task at hand after all my ramblings ..... These books are chronologically placed in the order they appeared in my life.

1. Bobbsey Twins -- This was the book that got me reading the novels from the age 7 . All books prior to this were either comics or the similar sort.
2.An M&B -- This was the book that put me off reading for quite sometime **making retching noises**. I was heart broken to see such pathetic books.
3.Exorcist -- Brought me to the point where I realised that horror in a book can be much much more interesting than horror in a movie. In fact the horror on the screen makes it look cheaper and sleazier than horror in a book.
4. The Scavenger's Son / Roopavathi -- Brought my teenage mind to the wonderful land of Indian Authors , made me get more attached to them as I could recognize myself , my values, my traditions , my parents , my country and its problems in these Indian books rather than trying to identify myself with Nancy Drew , The Hardys or Fatso.
5. The Life Of Swami Vivekananda / The Life of Ramakrishna -- Gave me something I was searching for all of my 18 years , It brought me face to face with myself , my potentials , my flaws, my spirituality,my GOD and yeah gave me the strength... I still read it and believe me I cry at certain paras in the book , it keeps in touch with Humanity.

Well, now as I said , this is my blog and I shall take the lienence to go ahead with a couple of more books ...

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich -- Made me admire and hate Hitler with equal passion. (PS this and the Vivekananda stuff came in almost at the same period )

A Beautiful Mind -- Hasnt ceased to stupefy me !

DD Basu's books -- Got to appreciate Indian History apart from the bloody c**p they have in the NCERT syllabi. [Hope my 10th cert doesnt get snatched away due to this outburst]

and yeah ... not exactly a book but ..>>>Management Theories -- O Wow ! [Thanks to you Sir , Mr Srinivasan]

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs:

Well , here comes the tough part .. :-(
People I may not get the 5 bakras but lets c ...
  • Sammy - Look at him and u'll think u are looking at either a drunk or a flirt , but little would anyone think that he reads extensively ... he reads and reads well too , though have to admit he is much a flirt too ! Loves teasing girls ! :p

  • Raks - Have I told u , Ive always felt he's among the few level headed ppl ive known in FU

  • MD - Cos me thinks he's angry at me and am desperatley tryin to talk to him

  • Abhinav - Just dunno why !!! :D
  • Anshh - Cos Im crazy about her Blog ! I love it !

    errrr ... will put in the rest as soon as I figure out others


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