Monday, July 25

Thank you notes !

Hello Everyone,

This is my first day after my extremely talked about accident....

I would really like to thank everyone for all the support , I thought of a “Blanket” thank you , but then it is times like these that everyone needs special mention , so here goes :

Special Thanks to Varshaa , Sanjeev and Appu who came in to see me as soon ass they knew of my antics , it helped me sail through the rest of the painful day with a smile.

Extreme thanks to Pramod, who was there to both bug me and lecture me about the ill effects of going to office sooner than required,

Isspecial thanks to Nitti and Kavya who put in the most required laughs when I needed it.

A grateful thanks to Sunitha who prayed for me, I really think that played a major part in my recovery.

Thanks to Smitha and Prema who I'm sure will have missed my constant chatter

A very heartfelt thanks to Shubha, who sat through my boring phone calls and my almost insane talk ( PS .. it is “almost insane” not “totally insane” , I'm as sane as Bill Gates !! J )

A very “useful” thanks to Indu who made me feel useful when I though I was nothing more than a useless vegetable

A very “sweet” thanks to Shariq for all those chocolates... (Sadly, I'm yet to lay my hands on all of them ... they are being cruelly rationed to me)

She is not in my team (CQA) very very warm and heartfelt thanks to Shylaja for being my greatest pal throughout and being empathetic rather than just sympathetic.

Thanks to Raghavendra and Murli for those bars of choclates , and for the Saral forms !!!

Thanks Sammy for your missed calls , helped me sail through those sleepless yet painful nights.

Buls , Hemant, Birju thanks for coming home , braving the the rain, traffic and unfamiliar bangalore ! I loved it , thanks u muach.

MD , thanks for your SMS , Eddie , thanks for your calls,

Raj ... thanks a looooooooooooooooot for your SMS es , kept me going strong and smiling strong.

Payal ... Muach.

Thanks a ton to the team in Manila for their concern and making me feel so warm and cuddled up ! lols !

Thnks to the rest of FU for being so concerned , I loved it ...

and now for the exceptions :


for Mr GOD for having caused the accident,

to the lady whom I had to avoid and thus hurt myself

and all those who knoew but didnt care to call me or think about me ... waaaahhhhhhh

Now for Advice

Please wear a helmet , else you will end either being a statistic on the road , or if lucky ( like me ) end up with a battle scar for the rest of your life , but if unlucky , in a mental Asylum !

Having said that .... thanks again !

1 comment:

br!j :-) said...

yohooo arpz welcomeback
i didnt know that one accident can converge so many friends to just one person :)

good to see that you have a great bunch of friends, ofcourse including FU

Cheerss !!!!!!!!!!!