Friday, July 29

Who is it?

Who is this
whom my eyes search
Whom does my soul seek and
whose glimpse do I wander
here there and yonder?

I have asked for directions
from the mighty and meek

I have looked into books
and the soothsayer's empty looks

But wait , what is it that I hear?
Whose is this voice?
Almost drowning in this noise,
Faint and low , but never vague
clear and precise
like the sound of a bell ringing
Is it from there ? beyond that mound?
or then , Is it just a bird singing?

I stop I listen with attention rapt
"Here" says the voice , or was it "Hear"?
Yet again it is faint
"I cannot hear you" I yell out loud
In all directiosn then I shout it out
and trudge back home ,
with heavy steps and all alone.

That night when I slept,
I heard the voice again
"Hear" or was it "Here"?
I got up from where I had lain
With all my heart,
with deep concentration
and rapt attention
I call out to it,I then saw it
A bright ray of light
Indeed a divine sight
who to me had extended his hand
I rubbed my eyes, for in them were grains
of sleep pricking my eyes like sand

I held him and felt light
No worries , sorrow or anger
Beyond all of them I had leapt
My head on the pillow , again I slept
While in the morning,
they came and saw me
and for me they wept.

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Anonymous said...

I would still insist on opting for the first poem....