Monday, July 4

This being my Birth month ....

I was browsing through Orkut's Cancer Community and got this one....

and yeah , I dont like to think im infringing ne rights as the person who posted it is an "Anonymous" poster !

Interesting facts about cancer 9/14/2004 1:53 AM
-Home and Country

-Aggravating situations
-Being told what to do
-Advice (good or bad)

1.Your ruling planet is the Moon.
Mean Radius (km) 1,738
Distance from Earth (km) 384,400
Period of Rotation (days) 27.3217

2.The crab is a nocturnal water creature that is well equipped with its massive claws to defend itself and survives very well in the 'wilds' of the underwater world in which it thrives. They have also been prized for food throughout the ages. Crabs come in a variety of 'styles' and species and are found in most of the oceans of the world, as well as in many inland waters. Being a sea scavenger, the crabs help mankind by keeping our waters cleaner.

3.The color for Cancer is all the shining colors of the moon SILVER.

4.Your starstone is the beautiful, translucent, PEARL. The Pearl can be all the silvery colors of the moon and not just white. The pearl takes on its silvery, shimmering, colors from the color of the linings of the mollusc (oyster) in which it is grown.

5. Cancerians Love Food and are great foodies ... more than the Quantity , it is the Quality and the Presentation of food that endears them to it !

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