Tuesday, August 30

After A Rainy Night

Ive been through many many rainy nights and days , enough to fill my whole 22 years of life with water from the heavens! To someone who has always been an inhabitant of dry and arid lands , rain is miraculous ... and even more so is the havoc it can create in Bangalore ... The city which is supposed to be the epitome of sophistication ... well , a lot of myths have been broken after a 2 year stay here . Many truths learnt too ... One of them is that no matter who you are and where you are , nature humbles you ... you can be a resident of the tallest apartment in the poshest area ... one night of rain and you can be reduced to an angry foul mouthed man because you have become one of those hapless homeless that you never cared for just yesterday ... for all you know your apartment has just collapsed, and your Lance/ Octavia is ruined due to a tree that has decided to take a ride in your car , your wife is nowhere seen .. No No she's not run away with the milkman , shes got washed away in the sewer water ... atleast you wont have spend those humongous lakhs on your child's education now ... no donations , no payment seats and no jittery nerves over his results ... he is at peace having gotten electrocuted !
Though you know you can anyday be that victim , you live blissfully ... confident that it cannot happen to YOU .. its like old age or death ... no one wants to accpet that they are going to be senile or die a day !
I WAS one of those blissfully ignorant and arrogant people ... I use past tense beacuse I was jolted to reality very badly when the basement of my office decided that it was bored being a basement and converted itself to a swimming pool ... water knee deep after 4-5 hours of constant pumping it out ... Cars learnt to swim and the lesser two wheelers learnt to drown. Safe and secure from any monsoon or prying hands the heart of all the electronics and electricals were located in the basement , maybe the people who had done that needed a lesson in fluids and their behaviour !
Result ... a totally unproductive day .. well not for all though , the newly built "hep" ( my dictionary gives the meaning of "hep" as " shockingly Expensive") Mall made brisk business , everyone rushed to shop and watch their fav movies ( well, spending is good for the economy so I guess ... its good that they spent) .. less lucky of us ( read the ppl with lesser pennies in the pocket) stood hapless oputside waiting for the water to flow out ... for many others it was shopping time , pedicure & manicure time, Got to run that long pending errand time etc
And me ... I ended up shelling money from my pocket for a treat to my team ..... went home early and cribbed about how things were so mismanaged !

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arpana said...

Hey Ive been around in dull dry arid places all of my 22 year old life mannnnn some times in Rajasthan sometimes in AP where the tempreature is sppsed to be cool if it is 38 deg centi ... i guess i do deserve some rain ... but then not as much as im getting ! :D