Monday, September 5

What is It?

What is life?
A Castle of sand?
or A Pack of Cards?
What is life?
God's endless reprimand?
or a drama of retards?
What is life?
anxiety? anticipation?
or is it retribution?
What is life?
a photograph of eternity?
or a hard toil of deeds done
and seeds sown long before
in an earlier incarnation?
What is life?
a long wait among lies
for the ultimate truth?
or a search for milestones
all leading to death.
What is life?
Dew, rainbows or raindrops?
or is it tears
wrenched out in pain
cries in vain or is it
an unending saga of fears.
What is life?
A question to an answer
an answer to a question
or is it God's parliament in session
Is it something Ive lost and am yet to recover
or is something Im trying to lose but ending up gather?

What is life?
I know not
I live it
yet I know not
Death is simpler
It has no colour
I shall know it when I meet it...
Its sounds and smells are ever so familiar
Life is complex,
Full of colours,
I know not , what i see
I know not wat to express
I know not wat to supress....

What is life ....

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