Thursday, August 25

I Am Not .... Am I ?

I am not reserved,
I am not shy
but then , I do not know why...

I cant stand crowds
I am not running away ,
NO ! I am not running
but I know not why

I cannot stand places
which of familiar things
leave traces

I cannot stand words
which often than not
act as swords.

I seem to have a broken wing
but cant stop flying
I have nightmares every night
but cant stop dreaming

I see myself broken in my own sight
broken, bent and twisted
beyond all repair
but I cant stop walking.

I see in myself a pessimist
I see not an ounce of hope
Seem to keep losing things
but cannot begin to grope

I fear life , my own life
but I cant stop living
Stubbornness or is it persistence?
that thrives like weeds in wilderness
Hope is that beggar .. refusing to go
If not today, another day
to whom a rupee I must forgo...
give into it , fall in its trap
Is that why I cant stop breathing?

I am not reserved ,
I am not shy
But I know not why...

I guess I am a loner ...
but then it comes back to me
I guess Im a "Goner".
Am I .... Am I not?

1 comment:

sayer said...

Hope is a wonderful thing. You are an optimist