Friday, August 19

Got this from a Blog I visited

and I absolutely loved it ,

mirrors my thoughts for a particular season ... long lost which I cant seem to find again

Written by
  • Little Bit Of Everything!!!

  • Maybe...
    If you give me back the control of my life
    Maybe I'll stop caring for you
    If you stop coming to my dreams each night
    Maybe I'll stop thinking of you
    If you remove the imprint of your name from my heartbeat
    Maybe I'll stop praying for you
    If you erase from my mind "our" memories sweet
    Maybe I'll stop remembering you
    If you cease being your nice and thoughtful self
    Maybe I'll stop liking you
    If you can make me breath once without yourself
    Maybe Ill learn living without you
    If you can separate yourself from my soul
    Maybe I'll stop feeling you within
    If you can make me deaf-totally, as a whole
    Maybe I'll stop hearing only you in a din
    If you can replace my passion with malice
    Maybe i'll be able to hate you and your thought
    If you can take away from me my life
    Maybe I'll stop loving you, or maybe not.

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    arpana said...

    Yea , I loved it ... speaks of an emotion i keep locked deep inside .. Loved to see it expressed so beautifully Phoenix!