Tuesday, September 27

Tujhse Naaraaz Nahin Zindagi - Author's Note - Part I

[Though In most of my stories I prefer to put an "I" instead of a name to the charecter .... I do not refer to myself. I do not know where the thin line of imagination and reality blurs, but I know I do not have it in me to bare the deepest unfathomable facts of my life to an unknown audience through an unfamilar medium.
The "I" in the story springs only due to a deep rooted though totally unjustified aversion to names as an identity to people. A person has more to him/her than a name and giving a charecter a name I believe reduces the stature of the person.... if not too much , ever so slightly.
I would like to believe that I keep my secrets/thoughts/emotions/whatever locked away from even myself, be it due to my own fear of facing them, or maybe because facing them might lead to a barrage of questions which if not answered may leave me entirely devastated. Thus I would request anyone reading it to read as you would if you had a name associated with it , a work of fiction, a doodle when life gets too boring, an escape from the heavy workload. PLEASE do not relate it to me. I am not what I write.I am not naive enough to lay myself bare to all introspecting eyes.]

Now For the story .....
Again , here , accept my apologies for such a huge author's note ... I shall be posting the story for which I needed this note shortly enough.

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