Monday, October 17

Beauty.... Beauty?????

The word beauty has never ceased to intrigue me, It has been omnipresent, omniscient... all pervasive.
Yet beauty is one word I have come to hate ... not now , this process has begun over the years, If there is one adjective I dislike , it is the one that describes beauty.
Yet I am in love with beauty...

"One confused kid this is" is this the thought that ran through your mind when you read this? I pardon you for it, for yes who has not been confused about beauty?

I heard my friend tell me "I love her yaar ... kuch karo , man she is so cute !!! "
I hated him for the sentence, do you fall in love because someone looks good?

I come to office by my company cab daily, we pass through the same roads daily... I see a bunch of gypsy kids who earn their living by showing whatever stuff they can do .. the usual, somesaults etc .. there is this guy in a bike who tells his pillion rider, "use paise de yaar .... kaafi hot hain, for a beggar girl
wat kind of crap is that !!! I mean he is insulting the whole mankind !!!!! How sick do you have to be to fill someone's stomach because she inadvertently showed you her beauty?
I hate beauty.....

You do not look at that kind hearted girl helping that blind guy cross the road ... but notice the girl who is busy putting another coat of paint (read cosmetics) to her already loaded face oblivious to the piteous cries of a child whining in hunger cos the second one is more beautiful than the first.
I hate beauty.....

The parents pressurise the daughter to be slim, look fair, have long hair , stripe her face with war paint ... because the "Guy" is there to "see" her ! I mean .... its like buying the product because you liked the package ! ewwwww
Dont laugh ... I knew this girl who hadnt passed her 12th, had a barrage of guys behind her , got married at 19 and thought she was happily settled. Her ugly friend went on to study and become one of the leading CAs of the state !!! When her husband stopped taking her out to parties , cos she lacked the sophistication ... all he had to say was " You are not beautiful enough ... you are very raw"
I hate beauty .....

I have seen many a people being refused jobs for being ugly !
I hate beauty ....
Actually, In the same vein, why do you want a beautiful airhostess to serve you? Would the glass of red wine from the hands of an average looking girl taste any worse? Would the food she places in front of you get any bad because she is not stunning?
I hate beauty .....

Yet again then, I love beauty ...
For am I not hungry for John Keats worship of beauty? for Shelly's ardent love of beauty? For Byron's affair with beauty?
For isnt the nature beauty? Isnt beauty eternal and omniscient?
Beauty ... isnt it the essence of life?
Beauty is in the tought, in the action, in the example, in the life, in the nature, in deed, in honesty, in truth, in God, in love everywhere ....
I love beauty... I find the health worker among the lepers beautiful, I find that invalid beautiful who inspite of his physical challenge lives life to the fullest.
I find that mother beautiful who cares for the child against all odds, I find that gypsy beautiful, who instead of begging shows her profession to earn money, I find that priest beautiful who though in need of money, gives it out the beggars outside his temple. I find the daughter beautiful who cares for her family and makes ends meet.......
I love beauty....for beauty is in a way GOD.

then though as God is plagued by religions , beauty is plagued by boundaries...

Who says fair skin is beautiful? who says huge assets are beautiful? who says a perfect 10 Figure is beautiful? who says glowing hair is beautiful?
We do ... yes we do ... for it we who gasp in astonsihment the minute we see Miss Rai, and it is we who do not care for a second look to that average looking ( again - average looking??? that's coined by us) plump dark gutsy female who is the breadwinner of her family, who stands by her ethics& values and who is true to herself.
No dont think beauty is restricted to girls, this pseudo"religion" is prevalent everywhere ... men , women , non-living things.. etc .. even dogs , who would look at a stray dog? everyone would love to see that well fed pomerian or that dashing blood hound !!

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Samyak said...

abe duffer..
is baat ko leke ek lamba discussion ho sakataa hai...
but who doesn't like the beauty ??
if its for a moment, why not to see beautiful girls around !!

But as u writely quoted... it lies in action... attitude...nature!!

Kepp the good work up !!
and ye word verification hataa de.. its tooooooooooo bad for us to post the comment... :Xxxx as we keep images disabled !! samajhi ?? :XXXXxxxxxx