Wednesday, October 12

Beyond reason...After Rhyme

like a flower picked for God
but never offered to HIM

like the rain aspiring to fall into an oyster
but falling on barren earth

like the life aspiring salvation ...
but getting stuck in the cycle of rebirth

like sunshine
on a house dilapidated

like roses
in a garden unweeded

like words
without a reason or rhyme

like a lotus in a desert
all in wither and fade

like love pure
slashed with slander

Thus I crave for you

beyond the barrier of time
across the boundary of distance
even after the journey of life
I wait for you

like the sky deviod of stars
like the earth ridden of wars
like the anklet without bells
I am without you

After time
After life
After distance
After death
After victory
I still pine
for I am alone.


Phoenix said...

awesome arpana...rockin haan!:)

arpana said...

@ Phoenix ... thanks ! :-)