Thursday, October 20

Break Up

I know its all over...
The flower has wilted and the glass has broken
The Wonder that was has ceased to exist,
The magic it was has stopped entrancing you.

But tell them , when they ask you
for as long as it lasted, it was more beautiful than the most delicate of flowers,
It was more exquisite than the most intricate of mirrors,

Tell them, Even if they dont ask you,
that as long as it lasted,it was the more wonderful than all the wonders of the world.
It was more magical than magic itslef.

Tell them about my arms , always willing to hold you
Tell them about my eyes that always waited for you
about my willing body that accepted you
about my fragile heart that once was a home for you

Tell them about the nights spent awake,
The mornings of esctasy,
The stolen moments of bliss
and the magic in the kiss.

Tell them about the words unspoken,
the fears untold,
the tears unspilled,

Tell them before they ask you,
Tell them about the scent of crushed flowers
Tell them about the stench of a broken heart

And Finally , tell yourself that it is all over
Look back , for a final time .....
look back, for it is a parting glance
look back and walk on ..

I will forever be here,
Jailed by your thoughts
held by the tears that have formed strong knots
of a chain
I will forever be here,
lest you come back, lest you want me again.

Tell them, Tell me , if possible tell yourself
That now you dont love me.


Phoenix said...

very touching

i am speechless

arpana said...

@taru , thanks yaar ! :D