Tuesday, October 4

Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi - Part IV

I have long stopped cursing the day and myself for what happened. It was NOT my fault. I know what you are thinking, from when have things stopped being the fault of the homeless people?? Poverty, population, unemployment, beggary,prostitution arent all these attributed to the homeless and the abject poor? But then , let me tell you , It is not my fault that I slept in a gas station (petrol bunk to guys who read the queen's English in the distorted desi version - u see I need to keep up with language if I need to beg the phorens). Atleast I was dry if not warm in this place, it was raining dogs and cats, where wlse would you want me to go? You need to buy a platform ticket to sleep on the railway platform ... the trains would keep me awake all night ; who has that kind of money anyway... a bus stand is a waste of time trying to keep dry.
So I end up here in a petrol bunk with a couple of newspapers salvaged from a nearby dump, a wedding was held nearby , and I ate the leftovers, had a hearty meal that night and slept fitfully , atleast until this man here woke me up with a kick in my stomach. He had assumed that I was the guy who filled in the diesel. He was drunk and he was rich enough to be drunk and still drive. He saw that I was not the employee there. His muddled brain told him that lingering glance trying to focus his eyeballs on me. A moment later, I think he felt something equivalent to sympathy towards this poor tattered rags clad 16 year old shivering in cold , and clutching her stomach in pain where he had kicked her.He dropped some coins in my hand. and turned away ... I was making to go back to sleep when he came back and handed me a note ... I did not know what denomination it was ... when had I ever seen a note in my lifetime. He swayed periliously and I held him lest he fell... I think that was the most foolish thing I could ever do in my whole damn life time.

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