Monday, December 26

Arrrrghhhh Work ~x(

eyes almost drooping, stomach aching by having eaten that wierd concotion which the guy at cafeteria called "pani puri" (makes retching sounds).... a headache on its way... the winamp blares out bloody satrangi song saved on the sys in a *personal* folder ! (GOK what made me save this crappy song and hear it every day of my life at office damn ! ) I sit in front of the computer...
just when I decide to start work now (its been around 6 hours that Ive been in office now)the mobile rings, i curse and check whos calling and find that its someone from home.
Damn why ever did I not get a job in Mars where a phone call would not disturb me? My mom - Arpan .. Uve got a letter from the I -- err uh ok the ICAI
Me - ok mom , tell me wats it about
(dreading that the letter contains a couple of lines that read
" Miss Arpana,
We are extremely sorry to inform you that we had a mess up with the marks cards and the one you have recieved belongs to someone else , so you are to attempt CA PEII again, cos youve failed")

My Mom - Its some Registration number

Me - What else can they send? (heaving a sigh of relief inwardly , i HAVE passed)

My Mom - err ... it says a Final Registration number SRO00 err ....

Me - I know mom ...

My Mom - It says Exams are in May 2006.

Me - Yeah mom

My Mom - #@$%$#%^$%^#$( she said that in Telugu , cant find appropriate words in English to match them) YOU SAID YOUR EXAMS ARE IN NOVEMBER , YOU HAVENT STUDIED AN OUNCE, YOU BETTER COME HERE AND START STUDYING THE INSTANT YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR CAR.

My Coll - err ... could you reduce the volume on the phone please

Me - Mom, I'll just come home and explain, I have a meeting right now.

I look at my system .... when my friend Sam calls up

Sam - So you havent called me yet

Me - unnngghhh .. where to?

Sam - Mujhe to koi bulaata hi nahin hain, waise bhi to kabab main haddi banoonga naa

Me - err ... kahaan? kaun? ( Im getting paranoid here )

Sam - arre wahi tum aur woh Brijesh milne wale they naa, mujhe nahin bulaaya

Me - Sam aede .. hum mil nahin rahe

and he goes on and on for another half hour and yet at the end of it says main kabab main haddi nahin banoonga ! damn !

Now I turn towards my comp, the song has switched to Backstreet Boys ... damn ! remind me to throw out all these kiddy collections

The tool on which I work has shut down of its own voiltion .. i curse and restart it , takes 20 minutes to restart , I meanwhile check for another report and send a mail .... I get an instant reply

I am on leave until the 3rd of January, please contact so&so until then"

I redirect the mail to get another Out of Office Reply !

Am I the only one working? Ya allah !!!!!

get back to my reports , my mind is half on CA Final and the Indirect taxes class I missed on Sunday .... I was busy cleaning my stomach on dat day, now my throat feels as though its a garden being raked up ... what with the constant throwing up ... the pani puri ( ok , I'll stick that name to that concotion , for the sake of ease) threatens to rush out any moment.

I subduue it with a glass of water, sigh , look at my computer , and click on blogger.


arpana said...

@jughead .... lols ! don worry, lower the expectation more the satisfaction

@Zeex - Thank God My mom doesnt read my blogs ! Thank God you arent my mom ! inshah allah !

(dont ask me y im in an "allah" mood today!!)

Kaala Kavva said...

laa ilaa ill allah.
why to ask...

arpana said...

mohammad ur rasool allah !

BTW the guy whose my best friend,bro , enemy, boyfriend, my shoulder to cry on, my pillar of strength, the eternal pillar of smoke etc etc all rolled into one is a moslem !

inshah allah ! yaar , tu jahaan bhi hain salaamat rahe ! :p

Kaala Kavva said...

"La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah"

very well then..

aapko bhi allaah salaamati bakshe.