Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas

Hey ! wish everyone a merry christmas and a Happy new Year ( this is advance :p)

If my granddad were alive, he would, in his conventional style go " Are we christians to go around prancing around decorating trees? ... What new year, this is no new year to us ... the New year for us in on Ugadi, thats the actual new year"

Lols, thats my grand dad to you ! ewll, hes no more now :( .... i miss his hollering around ...

Opened Blogger, cos today being Sunday, the net is free for 24 hours at home , ese I pay an outrageous 25 bucks an hour ! damn! but I feel like writing something now, and me being a dumbo genius, cant find a crap thing to write now ... now if I wrote for the sake of writing would I spoil the rite of writing? or do i have a right to write about any rite and spoil the writeup itself? writing is hard work when you need to think about writing, but then writing about thinking is hardwork too... you need to think and write or is it .. you need to write and think? or is it you need to think to write or write to think? if I write this way are you going to take away my right to write? but I always write with my right ( on paper that is .. on the key board, I just hit a couple of buttons), queer isnt it , hitting buttons is called writing?
I feel like the mad hatter now ! and also like the caterpillar who said left is right, but the right is not right ! so am I the caterpillar or the mad hatter? was Alice as confused as I was , or was she as confused as you are ....
watever , when i name the topic , merry christmas , why do I write about mad hatters and Alices who dream all kinds of wrong caterpillars who call the left right?
sigh *****

Merry Christmas , if you are still reading what Ive written, if you are not , I already wished you right?


Abhi said...

Meri kishmish to you too !! and after reading thru all teh left right caterpillar alice dramabaazi , i suspect u r drunk..sacchi bol , kitne peg pee daale ??

RAHUL said...

Merry Christmas to you arpana, it happens with all old gen. they expect us to follow their rules & not to cellebrate new yr. of others but who cares "pine walo ko pine ka bahana chahiye"


arpana said...

@jughead , hows ur vacation going?
and as for drinking .. arre yahaan paani ke vaande pade hain aur aap sharab ki pooch rahe ho? main (sadly) teetotaler hoon , which in other words means, abhi tak peene ki himmat nahin juta paayi hoon

@Rk .. yaar, Im not complaining about my grand dad , its just that I miss him so much .. and chahe jise bhi bahaana chahiye ho, mujhe to bilkul nahin peena , atleast until Im with my parents !

Abhi said...

Vacation is over , soldier.I am back on the battlefield , fighting grouchy professors and poor grades.

arpana said...

@jughead, dont fight too much , mere pet pe laath mat maaro yaar !